How Study Breaks Improve Your Learning

How Study Breaks Improve Your Learning
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We all believe that to study with full concentration is the only way to score high marks in any exam but not all of us know the fact that study method with breaks is more effective.  Study breaks make us more focused towards it. In this page we will try explaining how study breaks improve learning.

Those who think are study breaks good should know that a study has revealed that students should take a break from their studies after every 90 minutes to improve concentration. Now, you might like to know how often should study breaks be taken, scroll down a little and you will know the answer. Before we proceed, here you will have to understand that taking a break from the studies is not sufficient, the student must utilize that break in an effective way.

Now you know why study breaks are important, but you don’t just need study breaks, what you need is effective study breaks. The different between the study breaks and effective study breaks is discussed within the article. It also discusses what to do during study breaks and what to avoid.

Our aim through this article is to motivate the young generation to study in a way that they get knowledge without any performance pressure. To carry forward this aim we have compiled this article to teach the best method to the students to use their study breaks effectively.  Read on to know how study breaks increase productivity.

Study breaks has one meaning for all, but can be categorized as creative and effective study breaks. We call study breaks effective or creative when they are used for switching the study location, moving your muscles, reading a book or going for a walk etc.

How to Take Effective Study Breaks

Study breaks are important and several studies have agreed to it. Study methods with breaks don’t let study pressure bog you down. They keep you relax and confident. But it is important to take only effective or creative study breaks. If you think study breaks are for playing PUBG or mobile games you are definitely on the wrong track! Study breaks can be made effective when used rightly. Effective study breaks have no relation to social media. Move the cursor down to know how to use study breaks effectively.  

How to use study breaks effectively

Study and study breaks were very different in absence of smartphones and internet. Back then the meaning of study breaks was to talk to friends, discuss study related problems, or go for a walk. But now when not only the parents but their kids are trapped in the web of internet and smartphones, study break meaning has completely changed, now it means spending time on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram. The modern study breaks does not increase the concentration but breaks the focus of student. It has been observed that when a student picks the phone to check the social accounts then the duration of the study break increases automatically that affects their studies directly.

Here are some tips that can boost your focus and enables you to concentrate more on your studies even after a study break.

· Stick to Schedule

When you decide to take a break from your studies then do not spend even an extra minute on then the time decided for study break. Always remember that discipline is the foundation of the building of success. Always remember that the duration of your frequent study breaks should not be more than 10-15 minutes, they should always be shorter than your study time.

· Eat 

Eating in short intervals to maintain the energy levels is important. Utilize breaks for short/mid meals. Many times students prefer to skip their meal when they need to work hard to achieve their study-related goals. With empty or half filled stomach it will be difficult for you to concentrate on studies. So use the study break to eat something. Prefer to eat dry fruits, fresh fruits and avoid junk and deep-fried editable completely as this type of food will make you sleepy.

· Go for a walk

The main reason that we recommend study breaks is to calm down your mind so during the study break you need to not think about the studies or what have you learned so far or anything related to this topic. You can use the study break to go for a walk, or in admiring the beauty of nature around you.

· Read

Don’t get confused with the title of this heading, reading can also be a great activity that you can do during the study break. You can read any book or article irrelevant to your studies. As the old people say, whatever you read helps you somewhere.

· Exercise

As to score good marks in any exam, you need to keep your mind active so to perform well in the examination you need to keep your body active too. You can utilize your study break in physical exercise. During exam time you can avoid heavyweight exercises as it will make you tired.

·  Take a quick bath         

For many students, the study is a boring activity and few of them also get sleepy while reading so you can take a quick bath to get rid of sleepy and heavy eyes and to feel refreshed.

Apart from these activities you can also meditate or call a friend to have chit chat on any topic. When you call a friend then avoid those who keep complaining about the huge syllabus and how un-prepared they are for the upcoming examination. 

What to Avoid During Study Breaks

Now you know how you can use your study breaks effectively, it is also important to know what you should not do during the study breaks.

  • Do not check your social media account during study breaks. Its nothing but a waste of time.
  • Avoid taking a nap as it will make you more tired. You can go for a power nap or catnap to get refreshed. The duration of these types of nap should be 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Don’t let study pressure add to your caffeine intake. Keep the caffeine levels in control.

All the do’s and dont’s listed above are the ways how study breaks improve learning. It is important to choose the right activity for your study breaks so you return to the books more focused and refreshed. Also, not a single break strategy fits all, the study break activities for you might not be same like your friend.

The Bottom Line

It is important for the students to take a break from the studies after a particular time. You can decide the study hours as per your convenience, but don’t forget to include the effective study breaks. This page tells you how study breaks improve your learning, and do’s and don’ts for study breaks. You study hard to score good marks and breaks will improve your performance. Need more help with the study breaks write to us in the comment section below.

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