Don’t Cheat! Here are 9 Online Exam Hacks to Score More

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The online exam has a convenient way to evaluate the candidates in different competitive and entrance examinations. During pandemics, the relevance of online exams has increased. Now more examinees are looking for online exam hacks to score more in these kinds of exams.

An online exam is something new to the college pass-outs who never attempt any real exam on-screen. So most of them think it’s easy to cheat in online exams, and they look for online exam hacks to cheat. The fact is online exams can be as easy as you attempt any offline exam. Writing the answers on paper visible on screen is not rocket science, but we are used to the paper pen method, so we hesitate.

The online exam is an easy way to conduct the exam for the examinee. It helps the candidates to appear in the exam without traveling hundreds of kilometers. The online exam also saves a lack of money spent to conduct a paper-pen exam. As a few examinees are always searching for online exam hacks to teach, conducting a fair examination is a challenge for the exam conducting body. Cheating in exams is never a solution, so we have nine online exam hacks to score more. Let us know about them;

9 Online Exam Hacks to Score More

Looking for cheating online exam hacks? You won’t need to pick such has a risky way if you know how to score more in these exams. An online and offline exam is conducted to check our eligibility to take up upcoming challenges. So, scoring marks through cheating is not at all good. Here we have a few hacks to score more in online exams. We have divided the hacks to score more in online exams into three parts so that you can prepare well, score well and get ready for upcoming challenges. Now, without much ado, let us know the online exam hacks;

Prepare Well 

We will start to discuss online exam hacks from the very first step, preparation. Once you fill the application form for a job or admission, you know that you are to sit in an exam after a few days. So its better to start your preparation soon. Following three hacks to score more in online exam will help in your preparation;

1. Understand the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

First of all, read the syllabus carefully. If you are reading from the official notification of the recruitment or entrance exam announcement, always make notes. Next is to understand the exam pattern. Please read the guidelines about the duration of the exam and the number of questions asked in it. It will help you to plan how much time you can spend to each part of the exam. While noting down the syllabus, you can point out easy, moderate and difficult topics and prepare accordingly.

2.  Time Management

Time management is the key to success. The exam doesn’t mean that you stop spending time with your family and friends. With good time management, you have a social life without interrupting your studies. The basic rule of time management is to stop wasting time. Read only those books that can help you in the exam and discuss the points that can help you score more. You can also have a timetable to spend every second wisely.

3.  Test Yourself

You can find many mock tests online; solve them to know where you stand and how much you are ready to handle the exam pressure. You can also find the model exam paper in the market. Invest in it to test your preparation. It will guide you better on how to prepare further to score more in the exam. If the online exam is new to you, then mock tests will help you to choose the right option in less time. So, to improve your speed, check your pressure handling skills, spend more time with mock tests.

Online Exam Hacks during the Exam

4.  Check it, read the question paper, then Attempt it.

First of all, check if your PC or laptop is working fine or not. To attempt an online exam, a stable network connection is a must. So move forward only if your computer is working fine and the speed of the internet is good. Secondly, please read the guidelines given in the exam paper before you start solving it. Many times the examinee ignores some small details and pay for them. Do not spend much time reading the question paper as you have a limited time in hand. One more thing, though the online exam is conducted digitally, you still need paper and pen, carry them with you.

5.  Keep Checking the Time

You will have to adhere of time so do not spend much time on one question. If you think that you are not able to find the right answer in one or two attempts, move to the next one. If you have few minutes in the last, then solve the question again. In online exams, the time runs really fast. Keep it in mind.

6.  Don’t Panic

In the online exam, you are to attempt the questions on a desktop or laptop. Since it is a machine so, it may have some problems without any primary warning. So if your computer has some technical problem, don’t panic. The first step you are to take is informing the instructor immediately. If you are at home and a technical problem occurs, take a screenshot and send it to the concerned authority. It is also important to take the snapshot of the screen after submitting the question paper.


7.  Check the Sheet

One of the common mistakes that most examinees make during the online exam is submitting it without reviewing it. By mistake, they click on the different option and their marks get deducted. In the online exam, it becomes more important to review the answer sheet before submitting it.

8. Submit the Exam

The online exam has become a reality, but we are not habitual to it. If you have practice mock tests, then attempting an online exam can be slightly easy. But if you are a novice, then there are chances that you will be nervous. So it’s better to double-check that you have submitted the online question paper and received an affirmative notification of it. Wait on your station until you get a submission notification.

9. Check Your Score

At last, check how many marks you have scored. Many online exams announce the result immediately after the submission, and a few release the answer sheet. Many students don’t prefer to check the answers, but it will become easier for you to mark your mistake in the exam if you do so. It will help you to do better in upcoming exams.

The Last Word

The online exam has become common in this new normal life. So sooner or later, you will have to face it. To score well in an online exam, you must use the computer more frequently. It will increase your typing speed and increase your accuracy rate. We hope these 9 online exam hacks will help you to handle the pressure on these new kinds of exams and score well in them.

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