Why the World Superpowers Are Joining Hands Against China?

Superpowers against China

China has had both a fascinating and complex history.  It has had a culture that is being described as warlike and, at the same time, peaceful.  As a country that was created by conquest, china has already been ruled by various warlords. Despite all that, the country has also received active trade with other countries worldwide.  Nevertheless, China has also isolated itself and becoming a closed society. These are among the things that have profoundly helped to shape the country. Recently, the world superpowers are asked to join forces to go against China as Economist reported.

According to a report from FAS, they claim that the military and economic transformation have potentially threatened the western future. Since COVID-19 was introduced in China, it has affected the economy of the superpowers. The superpowers are not satisfied with China because of the country’s intentions, which makes them naive.

Why China Is Claiming To Be the World Savior

  • A report from Foreign Policy claims that today, the western countries are battling the epidemic. That is a chance where China is claiming to portray itself as an emerging superpower country. The question remains whether it will succeed.
  • Serbian President emotionally gave his press conference regarding the global coronavirus pandemic. AleksanderVuvic, the Serbian President, bluntly named those countries that his country can depend on during these hard times. He also called those that he couldn’t depend on for help. In his list, there were no European countries but named China, the origin of the virus as a country to depend on.
  • Foreign Policy also said that the President urged the people that great solidarity no longer exists, and European solidarity, therefore, doesn’t exist. The President also claimed that it is only China’s help, and he sent them a paper alone. That is after the EU denied Serbia medical supplies. He claimed the Chinese President as a brother and friend who agreed to supply the medical supplies.
  • The words from Serbian President have raised a stinging rebuke on how the EU handled the response. Since the press conference, the European Union has warned the Western Leaders against China. They claimed that China is trying to scramble itself to clean its lousy image it portrays after messing up coronavirus response. They urged that the Chinese government is on its soft power offensive as Foreign Policy reported.
  • They are also claiming that the Chinese government has also mishandled the pandemic since the outbreak in Wuhan city. Therefore, it is trying to cover up its mistakes –for example, it detained those doctors that had raised an early alarm bell. If they were serious about the outbreak and taken precautions, they could have helped prevent the global spread of the disease.
  • As for now, Beijing has been shipping solely the doctors and medical supplies worldwide, including Iran and Italy. The two countries are among the countries that were hit hardest by the pandemic.

Why China Is No Longer Trusted

According to Wionews report, there are many countries now joining hands to act against China. These countries are trying to work as a collective whole by adopting a holistic approach that will ensure China has paid for the ill-deeds.

These countries are demanding the following:

  • They are pushing for a probe for the pandemic outbreak and fast spread. The first country to demand an investigation was Australia, which was backed by New Zealand. In the meantime, the US has started to conduct an investigation. According to Foreign Policy, the EU has also asked for a probe from an independent and scientific investigation.
  • Some countries such as Japan, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, and Swaziland are pledging support to Taiwan’s WHO membership. However, China has threatened these countries.
  • Japan and the United States are economically distancing themselves from China. President Trump is ordering some companies to stop working together with China. For Japan, it is setting a $2.2 billion fund to help its companies pull away from China. Other countries such as India, Australia, and EU countries are tightening their foreign investment rules.
  • Some countries are calling China because it has abused and violated human rights. In the US, the Senate approved a bill for sanctioning China for over repressing the Uighur Muslims in China. It was a bill that was backed by lawmakers.
  • Countries are joining hands to ban Chinese technology, and the common target is Huawei.

Conspiracies against China

Inside Over reported that there was an article from The UFO Spotlight On the website that revealed the truth about this disease. It was an article on behalf of Chinese military intelligence claiming China was not happy for creating a biological agent to make protesters more submissive. It is a weapon released near Wuhan as the Insider Over reported.

The other reason why the world is wondering is why this virus hasn’t hit Shanghai and Beijing. This is after the virus originated in Wuhan and has been able to spread over 199 countries. But interesting, this virus has not yet hit adjoining Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.

According to Inside Over, the bitter truth is that China is the one selling oxygen and still choking it worldwide. After China imported the virus to the world, it is now pretending to be right by supplying medical equipment.

The Bottom Line

Coronavirus is now referred to as a Chinese virus or a global disease. Some are claiming it to be the world’s conspiracy. Despite the various theories, a question remains whether the world will ever forget that China has played a significant role in exporting the disease. Do you think some countries such as Italy will forget the price it is paying after embracing China? China did build 12,000 beds in hospitals at a fast speed, which has raised a suspicion that the country was prepared for the horrific events. And again, why were financial hubs such as Shanghai and Beijing not hit? Still, why were the Chinese stauch allies also not hit hard, such as Russia and North Korea? These are among the questions the world is asking itself. It has led to superpowers joining themselves against China.

Will people ever trust China and its government?

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