How to Score 90% Marks in CBSE Board English Exam

CBSE Board English Exam

The English Language becomes the part of school syllabus from initial classes but still, many students are afraid of it. The real fact is, you can score 90% marks easily in English if you prepare for English in an appropriate and fearless way. This article will help those students who want to know how to score 90% marks in CBSE board English exam.

If you find English a difficult or easy subject, then in both ways you are on a wrong track. If you find English a difficult subject then you spend less time on its preparation and if you find it an easy subject, then too you spend less time on its preparation. When you know the score of English will influence your total score, then it’s foolhardy to ignore the preparation of English. In this post, we will know how to score full marks English exam.

So let’s know how to score 90% or more marks in CBSE Board English Exam.

How to Score Full Marks in CBSE Board English Exam

Read the below-mentioned tips to improve your English and to score good marks in this subject. All the below-mentioned tips will guide you in your preparation for English for CBSE Boards exams, so practice them.

Writing Section

In writing the section of CBSE Board exam the letter, application and essay formats are checked. Usually, these questions carry 10 marks so they are important.  The format is the most important and confusing factor of the writing section. To practice for the writing section, write the formats of the formal and informal letter and essay in a register. These formats should be based on your teacher’s guidance not copied from a refresher. Do practice to write letters on different topics while keeping the format in mind. Don’t mug up the matter and write what you think while writing letters. It’s a most to stick to the words limit.


English is an important subject and language. In 10th and 12th it is just a subject for you but once you will start your graduation then it will be the only language to study most of the subjects. So you need to be proficient in it. The key to getting a good grip over any language is its Grammar and trust me the English grammar is easier than the grammar of any other language. To understand the grammar you need to be focused and take help from the best books.  The tense part of English grammar is the foundation of it, so work hard to make it strong.

The Literature Part

To ace in the English literature, read the lesson and poem carefully. The literature part of English is really interesting and you will like it once you will start reading. Do not learn the question-answers or summaries of English literature lessons. The best way to score good marks in the literature part is to read and understand the chapter.  Then try to find out the answer of asked questions on your own without any help. Knowledge of grammar will help you with this.

Think of English

Many people suggest talking in English will make you proficient in it but the fact is that you will not be able to write or speak confidently in English until you involve this language in the thinking process. You can learn to think in English while preparing for the English literature part. Read the chapter and write its summary in your own words. While doing this keep rewinding what have you read in the chapter. Remember you have to think in English to make it your language.

The Bottom Line

Apart from all the suggestion we mentioned above make a note of the following common mistakes common too. Many students make these common mistakes while writing in English;

  • Then and then, too and to and its and it’s; all these words have different uses.
  • Mug up the forms of the verb.
  • Write the answers in clean handwriting.

Now you know the tricks to score 90% or more in CBSE Board English Exam. If you have any doubt related to the preparation of the CBSE exam, you can ask us. Write your query in the comment box below, we would love to help you.

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