How to Prepare for CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Exam

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Maths is a scary subject for many students. They struggle to score good marks in this subject. But the fact says that scoring good marks in maths is easier in comparison of other subjects, because in maths either your answer is correct or it’s incorrect. There is no midway like theoretical subjects. Practice is the only key to score good marks in maths. 10th CBSE mathematics needs more time for practice than other subjects. We are specially mentioning 10th standard because in 10th standard is not just a class that students need to pass but it is a foundation of a student’s career.

We can find two types of students in class 10th; the first one loves mathematics and the second one doesn’t like it. In class 10th approximately 60% of students don’t like mathematics. Traditionally maths is a difficult subject but it’s really easy to score good marks in it. So, here are few tips from our experts to prepare for the 10th CBSE mathematics exam.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

It’s an old proverb and it perfectly fits in the case of maths. To get the better proficiency in maths, practice is the only option for students. To be good in mathematics you will have to devote at least 3-4 hours daily to this subject.  Here are the few quick tips to prepare for the 10th CBSE mathematics exam.

  • Solve all the problems given in NCERT’s mathematics book
  • Practice mock papers
  • Study mathematics daily
  • Try to solve unsolved CBSE Maths papers
  • Try to attempt different types of problems instead of the same types of questions
  • Do attempt to solve the questions from other maths book for CBSE class 10th

Remember practice also makes it permanent so do only the right practice. Maths is not a subject to read. If you want proficiency on any important type of questions than practice them again and again. If possible try to change the digits of important problems. This will enhance your mathematics problem-solving skills.

Focus on Your Mistakes

Maths is a subject which needs 100% attention. A small mistake of ‘+’ or ‘-’ sign can create a big difference in maths, so students need to have focus while practicing maths. Usually, students repeat the same type of mistakes while attempting the maths problem.  To score good marks in mathematics, it is a must for students to have an eye on their weakness. Students should identify their mistake by themselves only, this will help them to not to repeat the same mistake again.

Formulas and Definitions

With every new topic in maths, students get some new formulas. Formulas in maths are required to solve the all types of questions, from easiest to toughest. So to remember all formulas is a must. For this students are advised to write all formulas related to one topic on a single page so when students want to look at any formula, that can easily be available. You need to keep all the formulas handy so that you can do last minute revision when needed.

Understand the Syllabus

It is important for students to understand the latest syllabus. CBSE has released the mathematics syllabus for the academic year 2018-2019. Here, we will discuss the complete syllabus of Mathematics for Class 10th. But before that you must know that CBSE has given different weightage to different sections of maths in class 10th. So we advice you to practice according to the marks weightage.

The class 10th Mathematics syllabus for the session 2018-19 consists of a total of 7 units, that are

Number Systems (6 marks)
Algebra (20 marks)
Coordinate Geometry
(6 marks)
(15 marks)
(12 marks)
(10 marks)
Statistics & Probability
(11 marks)

Remember that in board exams, marks are for each and every step you follow while solving a problem. You might lose marks on a question, if your final answer is correct but you have missed the required steps to answer. So, be careful while writing you answer, step-by-step solution can get you full marks, while a short or direct answer will get you lesser marks.

Good Books for CBSE 10th Maths Exam

NCERT book of maths is the best book for class 10th exam preparation. But for more practice students can have a few other good books as well. So to prepare for 10th CBSE mathematics exam, students should try to solve the problems from different books. Here are the names of a few.

  • RD Sharma’s mathematics book is a good option for the 10th CBSE mathematics The R. D. Sharma’s mathematics book is well known and almost error-free book. It has a wide verity of problems that give the opportunity to students to practice more.
  • RS Aggarwal’s book is also good for 10th CBSE mathematics. It has many solved and unsolved questions for students.
  • NCERT book is most important to prepare for 10th CBSE mathematics exam. Students are suggested to try to solve even the solved examples of NCERT and that too without the help of a book. HOTS from NCERT maths book are also important for students.
  • Apart from these books, there are many books available with mock tests. You can try to solve mock question papers from Oswaal or Super 20 sample papers.

So students, follow the above-mentioned tips to ace your maths exam. We hope these tips will help you score better marks in 10th CBSE mathematics exam.

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