How to Prepare to Get Success in CBSE Board Exams

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February 2019 is going to be the month of examination. The exams of CBSE, CISCE, and various state boards will begin from February. Students are just a month away to face the board examinations and the nervousness in on its high.

The CBSE board exams are one of the most important exams in the life of students. The importance of this exam is the main reason for stress and anxiety among students. Under the pressure of board exams students’ lose their focus and confidence. Later on, this becomes the reason of average or poor performance in the CBSE board exams.

I have seen many bright students scoring average marks in CBSE board examination and the only reason behind this is the last minute mess up. In this post, I have compiled a few general ways that will help you to prepare and perform well in the CBSE board exams.

The Preparation Tips for CBSE Board Exams

Let’s know some success mantras to score good marks in CBSE Board Exams. Now when you have only a month in hand for the preparation of CBSE Board exams, then these tips will help you to ace in this examination.

· Stick to Time-table

As its the last month for the preparation of your CBSE exams so I assume that you must be following a time table for your studies. If you didn’t make any yet then now its high time for you to have a time table and stick to it.

A time table is like a reminder which keeps reminding you to study all the subjects in a day. Include rest time and break time in your study time table. Don’t force yourself to overdo the studies. Again I urge you to have a time table for disciplined preparation of your CBSE Board exams.

· A Balanced Study

You study ratio should be balanced. Start your day with the study of an easy topic to boost your interest and then pick the difficult one. Suppose you are good in Maths and not so good in Physics, then pick Maths first then Physics and again some easier subject followed by a tough one.  This rotation of difficulty level will not let your confidence sink.

· Too Much Study Material

For the preparation of the CBSE Board exams, you can trust the NCERT Books. A few teachers suggest some other publishers’ books as well. But do not buy any new book now for the preparation. Students usually get nervous before the exams and they start to feel that their preparations are not complete yet. So they buy every book which their friends have. Too much study material will not help but confuse you so avoid it. Stick to NCERT books and you will score good.

· Solving Sample Papers

Solving sample papers is an important activity which many students avoid. When you try to solve the sample papers you actually check your knowledge. For the sample papers, I will suggest you to always pick the unsolved papers. Solved sample papers are good to know the exam pattern but unsolved question papers show the level of knowledge you have.

· Be Active and Healthy

Board exam is an important phase of your life and it’s obvious to get pressurized because of this. During the preparation of the CBSE board exams when gaining all the knowledge of the entire syllabus is your only focal point, don’t ignore your health.

A morning walk of 15 minutes will be enough to start a refreshed new day for you. Along with morning walk meditation is also advisable to the Board students. Meditation helps you to control the stress level. So include both of these activities in your daily routine.

The Bottom Line

You need to take your CBSE board exams very seriously. As only one month is left for your board exams now, you must speed-up your preparations. But don’t strive for sleep. Take a good sleep and be confident.

Drop your queries on the comment box below. All the best for your board exams!

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