Tips to Score 100% Marks in CBSE Board Maths Exam

how to score good marks maths

Mathematics requires lots of practice, conceptual understanding and great knowledge of the use of formulas. If you have all of them, then you can score 95% or more marks in CBSE Board exams. Many students are afraid of Maths and many others find it fun. The reason is that Maths is a logical topic and it cannot be mugged up. Whether you like or dislike maths, you will agree on this point it is a scoring subject and its practice will give you fruitful results.

Fear of Maths is not new but regular practice can help you overcome it. Maths is an important subject as it develops your thinking and reasoning skills. The best part of Maths is that you can score 100% marks in this subject. Let’s know how to Score 100 in marks in CBSE Board exam of Mathematics.

Tips for how to score good marks in Maths

The marks in the exam depend on two factors; your preparation and your performance. So we divided this article into two phases. In the first phase, we will talk about the right preparation strategy to score good marks in maths and in the second phase we will tell you how to perform in the exam room to score good marks.

1. How to prepare to score good marks in Maths

· Know the syllabus

It’s a must for you to understand the syllabus properly. You need to know of the marks weight-age according to the topics. If the question paper takes a question of 5 marks from one topic, then don’t waste a week’s time on the preparation of that topic.

· Sample Papers

Practice the sample papers to ace in Maths. This will speed up your writing and you will become familiar with the exam pattern of CBSE Board Maths exam. Practising the sample paper will let you identify your strong and weak areas.  If you find that formulas are not coming in your head, then practice the questions based on it, you will remember the formula easily.

·  Solve the problems by yourself  

Try to solve the problem of Maths by yourself first. If you couldn’t solve it, then take help from your teacher or friend. Do not look at the refresher and guide for the solution of any problem. Looking for a solution instantly will develop the habit of dependency on refresher or another support system in you.

· Make a Separate Register

For the last minute revision, make a separate register for theorems and formulas. This will help you when you will run out of time. And the last time revision is always beneficial for the students.

2. How to write the Maths Exam Well

· Graph and Figure

If any question requires the graph or geometric figure, then attempt that one. Answers with the graph or figure can fetch you easy marks if they are made with a little concentration. A well-sharpened pencil will give a fine look at your figure and graph. So keep it handy in your box. Don’t draw a graph with a blunt pencil ever.  

· Marks are in the steps

In maths, you get the marks of every step. While attempting the mathematical question, pay special focus to every step. Highlight each step; you will definitely secure some marks for each step, irrespective of whether your answer is correct or incorrect.

· Neat Answer sheet

A neat and clean answer-sheet impresses the examiner. Don’t mess up your answer-sheet by writing the rough calculation in between any two questions. Make proper margins and highlight the rough calculation so the examiner will not get confused.

· Attempt Familiar Questions First

When you will read the Maths question paper, then you will find a few familiar and a few not so familiar questions. It’s pretty much obvious to be nervous after seeing unfamiliar questions. But don’t stick with them as you need to solve the question paper within a limited time. Focus on familiar questions and solve them first. After then only try to solve unfamiliar questions.

· Revise

It’s a must to revise your answer-sheet once you are done with it. Revise your answer-sheet to check if you have attempted all the questions or not. Highlight the question number with every answer because you might not have solved the questions in the given order.

The Bottom Line

You can achieve 100% marks in CBSE Board Maths Exam if you understand the basic concept of every topic. You can use NCERT books for preparing CBSE Maths exam. Don’t exert upon yourself and have sleepless nights because of studies. Be refreshed and relaxed for the better preparation of Maths.  

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