CBSE Class 10th Board Exam Preparation Tips From Toppers

Tips from CBSE Toppers

CBSE class 10th exam is going to start from 21st February 2019 and your preparation for this exam has reached in its final stage. The board exam of the class becomes more important because success in CBSE class 10th decides your future stream.

In 10th board exams, the pressure reaches on its peak. At this time, when the last preparation is going on the students need expert advice and exam preparation tips from the senior students. So here we brought the CBSE class 10th board exam preparation tips from CBSE toppers.  

Here we discussed tips for board exam read the below-given tips from the CBSE Toppers and plan your studies in a better way.

· Don’t Take Burden

Your board exams are just around the corner and you must be feeling still there is a lot from syllabus are pending to prepare for exams.  This pressure will put some extra burden on your mind. Same advise Prakhar Mittal (99.8% marks in CBSE 10th board exam) gives you. As per him, he didn’t take the CBSE exam as a burden and be consistent with his studies. This strategy helped him to achieve good marks in board exam.  Same advice Nandini Garg is giving to CBSE 10th students. As per her, “students should prepare by keeping the mind stress-free”.

· Regular Study

Many students believe in the preparation of 11th hour. They pick their books for the preparation of exam in advance on a month from the exam. But this is not a strategy for the preparation of the 10th CBSE Board exam. It’s just a blind guess game which can be good or bad for you. For sure shot passing marks, you need to be regular to your studies. This advice we have got from Sreelakshmi G, who scores 99.8% in CBSE 10th 2018 board exams.  Sreelakshmi G believes there is no short cut to the success and her regular studies helped her to achieve such a great score in CBSE 10th Board exam. Anushka Panda also followed the same strategy. She said, “I was consistent in my preparation from Day 1 itself”. 

· Solve Sample Papers

Solving the sample papers should be a part of your preparation for CBSE Board Exams. The unsolved papers include the questions from the entire syllabus and solving them will tell you the challenges you may face in Board Exam. Bhumi Sawant, 2nd rank holder in CBSE board exam says that solving sample papers not only helped her to identify her weak areas but also polished her knowledge of the topic.

· Previous Years’ Question Papers

Like sample papers, it is also important for you to solve the previous years’ question papers of CBSE 10th board exam. But here you need to adhere to the time, try to solve the question paper within the give duration for the exam.  By solving the previous years’ test papers you get the confidence and you get to understand how the questions can be asked in the exam. Almost all toppers lay special emphasis on solving the previous year’s question papers.

· Avoid Social Media

All the toppers have the same point of view on the uses of social media. They stopped using the social media 3-4 months before the CBSE 10th board exams. The social media in a trap which will not let you concentrate on your studies. For a focused preparation disable your accounts on social media. Although the internet and YouTube can be a helpful medium for students to understand any topic but contact your teachers first if they are not available due to any reason then go to YouTube.

· Don’t Study For Long Hours

Prakhar Mittal the CBSE 10th Board exam topper says that you don’t need to study for 8-10 hour daily. A focused and disciplined study of 5-6 will make you able to fetch good marks in CBSE 10th Board exams. You need to invest more time in the subjects, in which you are not good. Study for long hours can make your studies Cumbersome.  Take some small break or you can pick an easy subject after the difficult one to bring variation in your studies. Don’t push yourself hard on studies; if you feel tired then take a break. But don’t use social media to refresh yourself.

· Revise

Revision is an important part of the preparation of board exams. When you prepare for the 10th board exams then plan your preparation in that way so you could get the last month from the exam only for revision. Many toppers say that revision of the subject is as important as the preparation is. Revise all the important topic at the weekend to have a strong grip on them.

The Bottom Line

These were some tips for the success in CBSE 10th board exams. We hope that these success mantras will help you to pass this important but not so difficult exam with flying colors.  So stay calm and start preparing for your CBSE 10th board exams.

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