Career Counselling is Crucial for Students – Know Why?

career counselling

After completing 10th, 12th and graduation students struck at ‘what next.’ This little question has a bigger impact on their future, so they need to know the next step correctly. Career counselling can help them know the right path after major career milestones. Right from deciding a stream after 12th to finding a job career after graduation.

In this article, you will know:

  • Career counselling is the saviour
  • How does career counselling works
  • Benefits to Students
  • Wrap Up

Career Counselling is the Saviour

Career counselling is the saviour for students in the situations of dilemma, here are a few situations where students should go to a career counsellor.

  • In school students are confused with various streams like Science, Biology, Commerce and Humanities among others. And the only career guidance they get is from their family, which is based on the opinion of the society and based on the marks obtained by them in various subjects.
  • Students in class 12th confused with what subject combination to choose. After 12th, they are can’t decide on in-stream to pursue their graduation and usually end up with taking entrance preparation coaching or taking admission in a college that people say is the best.
  • The career choice of students in India is a lot influenced by the family and societal pressure. Because parents dream of their kid as a doctor, he has to pursue that, despite his choices.
  • After graduation, when you have to enter a job, you should be job-ready and take up the right job that you are the best fit for. The normal practice is students end up at any job because they fear of getting compared.
  • When in a job, making a career switch is another point, where they need to know the right step to take. Making random switch just to find what they like and stay with isn’t the right practice.

In all such situation, you need a career counselling session which will help you cross the hard times and make a well-informed choice. Get help from Opennaukri and know more.

How does career counselling works?

Career Counselling is a practice that helps people find the right career and know more about their capabilities and skills. It comprises of scientifically developed personality tests and aptitude tests which enables a career counsellor to give the rightist guidance and advice to the person keeping into consideration, the test results.

Every individual is different and has a different set of capacities, unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Career counsellors make them aware of their unique qualities, through career counselling and Psychometric Test.

Career counselling not just helps them to make the right career decision but also make them a better person.

Benefits to Students

  • Career counselling sessions help students know different streams, courses and educational options and their pros and cons.
  • It helps them know the career paths that different courses offer, thus helping them make an informed choice.
  • Career counselling involves career assessment that helps them make the right career choice and keeps them away from the need of changing career path later in life, later when they regret the wrong choice initially made.
  • Career guidance and counselling make individuals know their best fit career and its scope.
  • Career counselling and guidance can boost the confidence and morale of the individual and develops the decision making ability in them.

Career counselling aims to help students choose the correct stream and course which is in tune with their skills. Career counselling has helped many in choosing the right career that ultimately helped them succeed.

Wrap Up

In India, parents and students still are unaware of the importance of career counselling and education guidance. Not many schools in the country offer career counselling to students. If your school does not give education counselling, you can take online career guidance and counselling. Opennaukri offers online career counselling to help students make the right choice and find a career that suits them the most. 

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