Bursting The Myths Surrounding Career Counselling

career counselling myths

These are many myths regarding career counselling that we will bust today. If you think career counselling has an age barrier, you need to read this complete page. Many parents still are unaware of the importance of career counselling for students. Some think that career counselling is only for students who have completed their 12th grade or graduation. All such myths make it difficult for students to take career counselling to make an informed career choice. However, the world career is exciting but at the same time it becomes daunting is misconceptions start to creep in.

Here we will discuss

  • Importance of Career Counselling
  • Why Career Counselling
  • Myths regarding career counselling
  • The bottom line

Importance of Career Counselling

Career counselling makes you aware of your choices and personality traits, it guides you to make the right career choice. But is not a job placement or staffing agency that can give you a job. Career counselling tells you how many opportunities are out there for you and which of them are the best fit for you.

Career counselling can make you choose the right stream in your 10th grade, it can help you find the right course after 12th, helps you make a right career move or switch, it even helps you become a better person.

Aren’t these reasons enough to understand how important career counselling is?

Why Career Counselling?

You are confused, you don’t know your skills, you are not sure if your passion can be your career, you want to know different career options, you need guidance. If you are in a state of dilemma, career counselling is your calling. Right from students to a working professional anyone can take counselling sessions for a better future.

Career Counselling Myths

Here we will burst the myths surrounding career counselling, Let’s get started…

Myth 1: There is a certain age to take career counselling

Career counselling is for everyone who is mature enough to make his/her own decisions. A student can take career counselling to make informed choices, a professional can take counselling to make a career switch or to decide on his first job. Career counselling is not for small kids as their brain is not matured enough to understand this concept or their choices.

Myth 2: Career counselling is aptitude testing

Aptitude test is a part of counselling with respect to understanding the student’s logical and problem-solving skills. This test is usually conducted to help students with their academic choices. This is just a phase of the process of counselling and not every type of counselling includes aptitude testing. Counselling for students and professionals is much more than aptitude skill testing.

Myth 3: Career counselling gives job

Career counselling is not a placement or staffing agency that can give you a job. It is a process that helps unwrap your hidden potential, uncover unseen opportunities and improve your personality. Career counselling is a process that works on you it cannot get you a job. It can guide and mentor you to work on yourself and your skills to get a job.

Myth 4: Only school students can take career counselling

Career counselling term is not only about students, yes, people relate it to career counselling in education so they think it is only for school students. Well, the truth is career counselling is not about studies, it is a process that makes you aware of your strength and weakness. Many take career counselling to make a career choice, many to grow their skill sets and many to know about themselves. In a nutshell, counselling helps you identify subconscious, hidden or internal barriers to success.

The Bottom Line

The wrong perceptions about career counselling have kept many students away from taking career counselling. Moreover, now when you know how important is career counselling and how it helps people understand what their skills are and where they need to put efforts. There is no age to take counselling, when you feel exhausted, low and can’t make the right choice, knock the doors of counselling. Don’t you think the youth deserves to know about themselves, career options available, and the right place to achieve their goals? Knowledgeable and self-aware youth are torchbearers of tomorrow!

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