Are you stuck? You Need Career Counselling!

a sense of hope and confidence

Many people feel lost or misplaced in their career and also sometimes in the academic life as well. This can be due to confusion or decisiveness with regard to their career and educational choices. This is the time a student or any working individual would need a career counselling.

Career counsellors are professional individuals who have wide knowledge and understanding of various career options and also their current market situation. This gives them better edge in making individuals understand about the various options that lie in front of them. They put things into perspective for the student or the working professionals. They help the individual in avoiding choosing wrong career paths.

7 Reasons Why You Need Career Counselling

  1. Better Career: This exercise helps the individual to choose the right career path. It also helps professionals in changing their career path.
  2. Understand the present market: Career Counsellors analyse your attitude, capability, strengths and also explain the current trends of a particular industry. They a complete overview of the present situation.
  3. Provide with essential resources: After understanding the situation of the students, a professional counsellor provides them with expert resources which will further help them in picking up the best career path.
  4. Helps you gain confidence: Many students tend to lose confidence and the already working professionals feel derailed and lost in their existing careers. Career counsellors help in giving them proper guidance and restore their confidence. They throw light on various options that lie in front of them and hence giving them hope.
  5. For better higher education: Many students after completing their graduation sometimes find it difficult to decide between a job and higher education. The finances involved in higher education also de-motivate them and they end up not going for it. In time like these, an education counsellor is of utmost importance. They give you many alternatives and also discuss the probability of taking up higher education along with a job. This expands the horizons of the student.
  6. Career change at 40: Many a time working professionals feel misplaced in a career path that they have in for past few years. This can be due to changing dimensions of the society and also changing morals and values of a particular industry. In a situation like this the individual is advised to seek career counselling either in person or through online career counselling websites. They make him or her understand present market situation and the principles followed by it. They also mention and discuss other career opportunities that are available and profitable to be taking up at this age.
  7. Give you a role model: With the years of experience counsellors have had, they can quote many examples of people who have taken career counselling and ended up in a good career line. This will make the individual feel absolutely fine about the situation he or she is in. These examples of people can be taken as role models. They give
    a sense of hope and confidence to people who are in a state of confusion .

Career Counsellors are trained individuals who have a knack for communicating the right thing at the right time in the right way. People who feel lost and confused about their career need to go for counselling and broaden their horizon in terms of their opportunities. Some situations are so that family pressure and financial burdens become hindrances while taking up preferred and interested career choices. Counsellors also have capability of assessing and dealing with such situations.

When Does One Need Career Counselling?

 There are many instances of situations and time in life when people have to visit a career counsellor. Some of them are:

  1. Soon after high school; when students need to select a graduation course which lays the foundation for their career.
  2. After graduation; when they are feeling indecisive about choosing a job or going for higher education.
  3. When their career path does not require any particular course but they still need to get a degree.
  4. Students from a business families who already have a path laid out for them but they wish to do something different.
  5. When an individual has already taken up a career and has not succeeded in it. Counsellors help them to find a career on similar lines.
  6. Many students have no idea about what to take up after graduation and are completely lost. This is when an education counsellor or career counsellor helps them to explore and gain interest in a particular profession.
  7. A middle aged working professional wishes to change his or her career path for better financial returns, and also sometimes to rid of the burden of their already working profession.
  8. Women who wish to start their career again after their pregnancy or shifting from a different country or a state or want to appear for a government exam.

Many companies have sprung up and are working in this domain. Given the number of career options available these days starting from being a writer, speaker, host, consultant manager, marketing associate, social media marketing manager, Blogger, You Tuber, Recruiter etc. selecting one option can get slightly overwhelming. Most of these careers options were non-existent a decade ago. The ever changing dimensions of the society, business market and need to be careful perused and understood to make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line

The immense scope for counselling these days have had mushrooming of counselling consultants and companies. There are number of agents and counsellors who provide counselling from their physically present office areas or even through online counselling websites. They provide guidance for education and career related counselling via messaging or through telecommunication.

Career counsellors also connect you to successful people in the profession you like to help you gain confidence. Of all the things one needs to know about career counselling, something that is essentially important is that the students or a working professionals have to take the decision for themselves. The career or education counsellors only direct them or show them a path which needs to be walked by the individual.

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