What is Digi Saksham Program and How to Enroll in it?

Digi Saksham Program

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The government promotes digital education in youth, so it has launched the ‘Digi Saksham Programme’. The program is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Labour and Employment and Microsoft India. With this program, the government of India wants to give a hand to the youth of India in rural and semi-urban areas to be more familiar with digitalization. The program is an extension of ongoing programs for the rural and semi-urban areas. The program’s implementation will be done by the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme India (AKRSP-I)”. In this article, we will understand more about Digi Saksham Program and its requirement & benefits.

What is Digi Saksham Program? 

The name of the program says a lot about it. It is made with the two words; Digi and Saksham. Digi defines the digital, and Saksham is a Hindi word that means capable. So the complete meaning of the program is making the youth digitally capable of doing the things. To train the youngsters from rural and semi-urban areas, Microsoft India has its partnership in this program and the Ministry of Labour and Employment. The ministry didn’t introduce the program as a separate scheme. It will be an extension of ongoing schemes. It will reduce the human resources requirement, and data of eligible youngsters will also be easily accessible for the implementation of the program.

According to the NCS website, the program is launched to sustain the government’s interest in educating youngsters from rural and semi-urban areas about new technology. The training enhances their skills, and they will be able to get a suitable job. The youth can get training through the NCS portal. The government’s focus is on socially disadvantaged youth so that they can get the required skills to get employment. Union Minister Bhupender Yadav launched the program. In his statement, the minister highlighted the importance of skilled youth for the economic recovery of India.

Under this program, the ministry will provide the free of cost training to young students. Under this program, the government plans to digitally educate more than 3 lakh students in the first year. During the training, they will gradually start learning from the basic digital skills and gradually move to the advanced skills. The training program is available on the NCS’s (National Career Services) website. Now check out what kind of training the students can get under this newly launched program;

Available Training under Digi Saksham Program

Under the scheme, the students can get training in Excel, Python, Azure, Java and Security Fundamentals free of cost. The students from rural and semi-urban areas can get the following training under the Digi Saksham program;

  • Digital Skills self-paced learning
  • VILT mode training (virtual instructor-led) and
  • ILT mode training (instructor-led)

The DigiSaksham program will give access to the young students to the Microsoft learning resources. They can learn about programming languages, basic and advanced digital productivity, and software development fundamentals. The initiative will especially help young job seekers from semi-urban areas to get a suitable job. When they are well aware of the latest technology, it will become easy to crack the job interview. Candidates from socially and economically backward communities can get the right guidance from these kinds of training. The government is focused on helping interested youngsters get the right education, but it also motivates the students to get career counselling. The government officials know how counselling can help the students to take the right decision. So, now the government has opened more than two hundred career counselling centres where students can answer their queries without spending a penny.

How to Apply for the Courses?

The Digi Saksham program is a government initiative, so you don’t need to pay anything for it. The program is suitable for those who want to learn but could not pursue the course due to its non-availability in their area or because of some financial reasons. You can apply for the courses covered under this program by following some easy steps.

To enrol in the Digi Saksham program, the interested applicants will have to visit the web portal of NCS. Here you will have to click on the tab named “DigiSaksham”.

To participate in the program, you will have to fill a form. To fill the form to sign-up on the page, you will have to keep any one of the following ready; your PAN card, Aadhar Card or E-shram Card number. After successful sign-up, you can sign in with the selected username and password and apply for the suitable course based on your choice and education qualification.

Significance of Digi Saksham Program  

The government of India has launched various schemes for young Indians to get the technical education. With the help of IT companies, the government launches schemes like Digi Sakshi to educate the young students remotely and new technology. It makes the learners aware of the different career options in IT.

You can understand the requirement of programs like Digi Saksham with the fact that more than one crore job seekers have registered on the NCS website if they will get digital training about programming language and other latest IT tools, how easy it will become for them to apply for a job in any IT company. At present, the job providing companies have a huge expectation from the job seekers, and the job seeker is happy with his skills. So, in easier words, the course enhances the job seekers’ key skills and makes them market appropriate. To survive in the present competitive job market, the job seekers need to be knowledgeable and have a certificate; the program under Digi Saksham provides both during the training.

The Bottom Line

Digi Saksham is an innovative step from the Government of India to bridge the gap between the demand and availability of skilled human resources in-country. It will also help the youth from rural areas to get IT training. If you are interested in learning a programming language or software development, this is a golden opportunity. You can enroll in the training programming from the web portal of NCS.

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