What is Clean Ocean Manifesto?

What is Clean Ocean Manifesto

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Have you ever seen a bottle floating in the ocean? Have you seen a kitty litter box that ended up in the park and wondered where did that come from? If your answer is yes, then you might be wondering: Why did this happen and what do we do about it?Encouraging proper disposal of disposable materials may not seem to have any direct connection to the marine environment, but disposable items are one of the main culprits of marine litter. This has a huge environmental impact – for example, disposed tissue or other personal care products constitute about 1% of this waste worldwide.Preventing marine litter is vitally important to preserving life on Earth for future generations. Explore the Clean Ocean Manifesto that’s designed to promote global goals for urgent action on marine litter, coming from public opinion leaders in collaboration with Q&A content!

Clean Ocean Expert Group

The Clean Ocean Manifesto is a publicly, independently developed platform promoting global goals for urgent action on marine litter. It was developed in collaboration with public opinion leaders scientists, industry leaders, and NGOs in 2016 to call the attention of Governments around the world to take effective actions toward clean oceans.

Clean Ocean International Expert Group of UN Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

Clean Ocean International (COI) is a research and NGO organization that focuses on the environmental, economic, social, and cultural impacts of human resource development in areas such as fishing, tourism exploitation, and energy exploitation. One of the projects COI is involved in is the exploitation of renewable energies with an expert group of the UN Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Clean Ocean Manifesto

  • Urging senators and representatives to:
  • Protect old-growth forests and their wildlife; end reckless logging;
  • Protect all coastlines from development and pollution;
  • End the use of toxic pesticides.

Purpose of Clean Ocean Manifesto?

Clean Ocean Manifesto is a global marine plastic initiative led by Fisherfolks, part of Youth@Sea (a youth-led arm of Sailors for the Sea), and 7 Seas Brewing. The purpose of this initiative is to create awareness about ocean plastics and bring to light the need for change.

Actions that have been taken already

This campaign has already achieved major successes in protecting the world’s oceans. More than 1,500 restaurants across the United States have dropped barriers like plastic straws and shopping bags, which are detrimental to the environment. The use of straws in Costa Rican restaurants reduced by 78% in 2 years, while plastic bags were reduced by 95% within only 3 months.

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