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The music industry is always ready to welcome those who are passionate about it. When we think about the career in the music industry the first career option comes in our mind is singing. Singing is only one of the career options that the music industry offers. Actually, the music industry has lots of career options that many people still don’t know.

If you are passionate about music then you should give yourself a chance to build your career in music. Here in this article, we will talk about the career options in music.

Get Education of Music

Education is the base of any career. If you want to build a stable career in music industry then first thing is to complete your study in music. You can pick music as a main or optional subject in 10th or in 10+2. In these standards, you will get the basic knowledge of music.

After 10+2 you can do graduation and post-graduation in music.  Apart from degree courses diploma courses are also available in music. Duration of these diploma courses is one year or more depending on the institutes’ rule.

You can have your advanced studies in any of musical instrument as well i.e. Tabla, Sitar, Violin, Harmonium etc.

Career Options in Music

Many students choose music as their main subject because music is their hobby. But to have a stable career in this industry you need to believe that music is your passion. If you find that your world revolves around the music beats then music bug has beaten you, and music is the best career field for you.

Here is the list of career options that music offers you.

Music Teacher

Teaching is a noble and respected profession. After the completion of your studies, you can pick a music teacher’s job. All most every private and government school has a position of a music teacher. You can also get a music teacher’s job in colleges.


If you have a good voice and you understand the basic of rhythm then you can make your career in singing. There are many job opportunities available for good singers. You can try your luck in playback singing. You can also create a musical band, or your own YouTube channel to tell the world about your talent.

Recording Engineer

Recording Engineer is the one who record, edit and mix the music. To pick this job you need to have good knowledge of music. To be a recording engineer, for the first few years you will have to work as an assistant to understand the practical work of a recording engineer.

Music Producer

Music producers give the shape to the songs and create beats for them. Basic knowledge of music is must if you want to choose this profession. You can work with music producers to understand the process and then produce your own music and sell it to serial or movie producers.

Music Journalist

You can also be a music journalist, music critic or music blogger. To choose one of these professions you need to have the basic knowledge about music. You can only write about others profession when you have expertise in it.

The Bottom Line

The music world is not having any work timing when you create your own piece and present. Your initial work with established music houses or bands prepares you for a bright career. The article highlights the career in music one can opt for. In case you have any query related career in music or any other field, you can write it to us in the comment box.

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