Top 15 Highest Paying Non-IT Jobs in India

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IT industry is a very fast-growing industry and employment option in comparison with all the others. Many students avail themselves the career counseling for student seminars to get in touch with their hobbies and connect to one of the most appropriate careers either in the IT or non-IT industry.

However, revolution and latest researches have concluded that the IT job categories and options are much lesser than the non IT jobs. This makes a bigger difference in the life of those people who don’t have much experience in the IT profession and want to choose a non-IT field that pays them the same or approximately the same as the IT industry.

How did the scope of Non-IT fields increase?

The scope of non-technical jobs has started evolving and growing rapidly for the past few years and this has greatly advantaged the people by providing better career opportunities to them in the first place. These non-technical jobs in Bangalore, Delhi, and other important cities of India and also the other parts of the world have increased the employment scope of the people and has greatly reduced the Unemployment ratio.

The main purpose of availing to the non-technical or IT jobs is to provide the equal amount of appreciation and salary to the people as it is provided to the IT employees. This salary does not depend on your caliber of technology or computers but focuses on your overall personality and attitude towards achieving and working on a non-IT job.

Highest Paying Non-IT Jobs in India

Below is a list of Top 15 highest paying Non-IT jobs that are offered to the people in India and the people who avail of them definitely receive tremendous benefits from the same-

  • Market Research Analyst:

This is a very responsible and efficient post in the world of non it jobs. In this job, the people are hired for keeping proper track of the market and make decisions according to the same.

A market research analyst specifically considers all the aspects related to the growth of a business and helps the owner decide this future goal according to the same. In this context, the analyst considers both his competitors as well as the market rates of the products sold by their company.

Therefore, being in a non-technical job can also help you to a great extent if you are a market research analyst and can detect and solve future troubles and problems.

  • Digital Marketing Strategist:

This is a position in which the people hired work on the planning and execution of a marketing campaign. Being in a non-technical job means that they can test the marketing strategies and decide what is best for the marketing campaign.

This is one of the most important non IT job list categories that can give a lot of success and achievement in your professional career.

A digital marketing strategist properly plans your marketing campaigns and makes them 100% successful without spending too much money and also without consuming too much of your time for sure and this benefits the marketing in-charges happy and satisfied about your work without any doubt.

  • Business Analyst:

A business analyst is typically an organizational person who connects with the most popular organizations to discuss their business strategies and plans. The non IT job list specifically includes this job in its top priority list because of the amazing scope of the same in today’s generation.

It definitely makes all the other non-technical jobs take one step behind because of the opportunities and convenience that it provides to the people.

A business analyst will also Guide you towards making the business successful in the most appropriate direction and will also help in the rapid growth and progress of the same.

  • Social Media Manager:

Today’s world is the social media world and no one can deny this fact for sure. Being on social media has become as important as breathing and eating for many people. In such circumstances, it is important to feed at least one post on Instagram or other social media platforms.

In the non IT job list, being a social media manager is also one of the most important designations and needs a lot of expertise and dedication for sure. If you choose to be a social media influencer or manager, then you have to work a lot for the same and get a job from the expert social media managers for themselves.

This job also needs a lot of dedication and stress and the main purpose of the same is to allot yourself in the right place and plan the appropriate strategies accordingly.

  • Business Development Manager:

A business development manager is responsible for the growth and progress of your business and without your knowledge, it becomes difficult for the businessmen to get engaged in the growth activities.

This is one of the most difficult and hardworking non-technical jobs of today’s generation. However, it is one of the most demanded jobs as well. This is because of the tremendous amount of businessmen out there searching for appropriate people to manage their business development and provide them the most valuable and perfectly timed suggestion for the growth of their respective businesses. For this reason, this job is very stable and crucial in its own aspect.

  • Management Consultant:

A management consultant handles and manages all the works of a company and makes them aware of the present and future problems and restrictions that can stop the growth of their company.

This job is definitely one of the most important aspects of the non IT jobs list because of the necessity that it has prevailed throughout the world. A management consultant basically manages and handles all the necessary aspects of a company and can also conduct some important decisions on the behalf of the owner if allowed to do so.

A management consultant is definitely a very crucial part of a company or firm and he/she can also decide the future of that respective firm based on their calibers and capacities.

  • Marketing Manager:

A marketing manager of a firm or institution has all that it takes to sell the products of the respective company in the market. He is the one who is responsible for all the planning and marketing strategies conducted by a company to make themselves popular in the whole world.

The marketing manager organizes various campaigns and sessions for the publicity of the company and their products and targets the audience by providing amazing discounts and offers on the same.

It definitely becomes very difficult for a company to promote its products without the strategic management and organization of a marketing manager.

  • Investment Banker:

Banking is the most crucial aspect of every state and country. Without proper arrangement of banks, the functioning of a state or country cannot be appropriate. For this reason, even the people related to banking have equal importance and even a good amount of salary.

One of the most crucial positions of banking can be to become an investment banker with a good designation and authentication. By becoming an investment banker, you are allotted to admitting more and more people’s banking accounts. This helps the financial status of the particular bank and eventually credits the financial status of that respective state or country.

  • Advertising & Media Professional:

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of purchasing or selling products. The give and take association is incomplete without properly advertising a product and the person who handles this advertising department has the post of advertising and media professional. The advertising and media industry is competitive but it will provide you with great rewards based on your skills. You can also practice in this industry while making a profit. The starting salary for the practice job in the Advertising and media industry is INR 420,000 and after some time of experience, this salary will get increase according to your work in this industry.

There are some important responsibilities for this such as you have to come with a brilliant advertising plan which will hit the expected target. You also have to design all of your plans and present them in front of your seniors.

  • Technical Writer:

This is one of the potential options and the highest paying job for those individuals who are looking for non-IT jobs. A technical writer is all about documentation and computer knowledge. If you have a degree in engineering then you are more suitable for this job. A Technical writer should know all about the manufacturing and design for writing.

One of the biggest responsibilities of technical writing is to convert hard topics into simple language and make it easy to read. They also have to write journal articles and other guides for reference to other people. This job will give you enough payment and make sure that you are comfortable in the office. If you have the knowledge of the languages and the knowledge of computer then you are best for this job.

  • Legal Counsel:

This is one of the popular jobs for those candidates who are looking for non-IT jobs and it will also give you enough profit. This job is all about the attorney who will give you advice about the laws to the other firms and companies. You can also develop a legal firm that is full of a legal consultant or attorney who will help people with legal advice. They will also make sure that you will win the case in court.

The responsibilities of the legal consultant are really important and this is one of the needed jobs at this time. Everybody needs legal advice in some cases so they just have to identify the problem and give you the best solution according to the law. The average salary of the legal consultant per year is INR 7,38,138. The charges of legal advice depending on the case structure and the paperwork.

  • Quality Assurance Manager:

Quality Assurance Manager is one of the important posts in any industry because it is the backbone of any company. They are the strong and main pillar of customer satisfaction of the customers. They will make sure that the product of the company is good or not and the product is matching with the internal and external structure of the company.

Quality Assurance Manager has to work properly to gain the trust of their customers. If the product quality is great then only people will buy the company products. There are many vacancies for this post because of this growing world. This job will give you a potential salary at the start. Quality Assurance Manager is the head of their apartment and they have to give instructions to the workers under there about the quality of their product. After the manufacturing, they have to check the quality of products in the company and make sure that the product will give benefits to their customers.

  • Content Manager:

Container manager is one of the modern workplace jobs which will provide you with a great salary per year. This is one of the high paying jobs in the non-IT industry which are becoming popular these days. There are many responsibilities of the content manager which have to be done when they are in the workplace. They have to engage their social audience with their content and make sure that they upload the engaging content on the website for their readers.

You should read and verify all the content when you are the content manager. You also have to verify the content of your crew members for your website. All the content which you upload on the website will engage the readers.

  • Product Manager:

The product manager is one of the fast-paced or growing posts with a great salary. If you are in the post of product manager, then you have to develop the strategies for the product and its development. You also have to find the right path for your product which will increase the marketing of the product. This job also comes with a great salary per year. The product manager is the head of the department. They just have to make the plan and give offenders to workers.

They also have to explain the features of the products and the qualities of the product. You will also get more salary when the product will earn more profit.

  • Customer Relationship Manager:

This is one of the great jobs with high payment. If the candidate has a degree in business administration or customer relationship then they are perfect for this job. In this job, you have to maintain a great relationship with the customers and make your sales high. You have to maintain your product quality and explain to your customers about the features of the product.

If you maintain a good relationship with the customer it will increase your products sale and make your company great. This job is all about your behavior towards your customer.

All these above jobs are the highest paying Non-IT ones and offer incredible chances to the people to benefit themselves in the fields apart from IT. These jobs are very distinctive and unique and suit best in the betterment of the future of a lot of people in the world.

Scope & Requirement for Non-IT Jobs

It is clear that the non IT job list is also a very big and enormous one as compared to the IT job list and this proves that people are focusing more and more on non-IT fields nowadays and earning a good income from the same as well.

For being eligible to hold a position in the non-IT field, you should have the following requirements-

  • Good knowledge of mathematics and a little bit of computer knowledge,
  • A considerable grasping power of the various non-technical aspects, and
  • Dedication towards your profession and focus on your career.

The above non-tech job requirements are the most unique and perfect ones for those who don’t have much knowledge about the IT industry and still want to earn a considerable income from their jobs. There also exist a huge scope of non-technical jobs for engineer and other computer experts and this scope is definitely not limited or restricted.

The scope of non-IT fields is incredible in today’s world and to march with the expectations of this world properly, people should take into consideration all the important aspects of the same properly for sure.

Briefing Up

People have a lot of professional scopes apart from the IT industry and this is unfortunately not known to many of them. For the same reason, everyone wants to join the IT field, whether they  know about the same or not.

The best way to avoid this is by finding more and more non-technical jobs with the help of the latest technologies and avail of them according to your choices and interests. The non-technical jobs list is undoubtedly very huge and availing of these opportunities will never make the people regret their decisions ever for sure.

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