Top 10 Aviation Colleges in India

top 10 aviation colleges in India
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If your sky is blue and you desire to get wings to fly high, aviation is your calling. Aviation is a great career that gained more popularity in the past 10 years, however due to coronavirus outbreak, things are not the same. We might enter a completely different world while fighting the pandemic, the opportunities will differ but this career option will be available for you to choose. Read this blog to know about the top 10 aviation colleges in India.

Aviation industry is one of the initial sectors that reported the impact of coronavirus. But, do you think people would not travel after the lift of lockdown? Unnecessary traveling will be reduced or avoided but what about essential travels? Despite of all the factors, aviation will stay. The pandemic has hit the world on an economic level, which makes it easy to predict the situation of industries. The only sectors that are seeing growth or are offering jobs amidst COVID-19 include healthcare, e-Commerce that deals in essentials and others, and Education.

We know that world is battling against coronavirus and this pandemic might delay your dreams, but hard things do end, this will too. The situation is dream shattering, but do not quit on your dreams, just hold on to them.

Here, we have listed the top ten aviation colleges in India that will give wings to your dream. These are for aviation only, they do not offer aeronautical engineering.

Common Eligibility for Aviation

Before moving to the list of top 10 aviation colleges, let’s take a look at the admission eligibility criteria of these aviation colleges.

  • Interested candidates must score minimum 50% marks in all Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in 12th class.
  • To get admission in these top 10 aviation colleges in India, you should be 17-24 years in age. Candidates below 17 years and above 24 years will not get admission.
  • Students need to fulfill the above two criteria, those who do not meet the eligibility are not eligible to get admission in these aviation colleges.

List of top 10 Aviation colleges in India

Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi

This aviation institute offers a 3-year course of Aviation Maintenance Engineering. For which the the complete tuition fee will come around 5 lakhs, this year you might see a change in fee. We have listed it at the top, and the reason is that the Indian Air Force also selects candidates from here.

Students need to get a license to sit for placements. This licence is given by Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur

The perfect balance of theoretical and practical, you will find here, at the Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur. They are one of the well-known names in the institutes offering aviation courses. Their curriculum is well-planned accompanied with the latest equipment aimed to make learning a better experience for students. You can undertake 3 years of Aviation Maintenance Engineering course here.

They also offer scholarships, students interested can check the criteria for the same. From this institute, students are recruited by private companies as well as the doors to government branches are open for them.

Indian Institute for Aeronautical Engineering and Information, Pune

This institute is in business of 12 years and is one of the institutes that offers other courses as well. The above two institutes offer only one aviation course, but this place offers 2 courses for aviation lovers. Choosing this place for making aviation your career, would be a decision you won’t regret.

A.J. Aviation Academy, Bangalore

This university is relatively the newest entry in the list of aviation colleges. It was established in the year 2009 to impart education to students who wished to specialize in aviation area. Some of the courses offered in this institute are as follows-

BBA in Aviation Operations

MBA in Aviation Management etc.

  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai- Where most of the colleges have a single campus, Indian Aviation Academy has three branches spread across the whole of Mumbai. They provide world-class education to their students. Apart from offering courses in aviation, they also provide courses for airport management.

Some of the courses offered in this institute are as follows-:

  • Certificate in Aviation Management
  • Certificate in Ramp & Cargo Operations
  • Certificate in Load Control
  • Certificate in Commercial Pilot’s License, etc.

They offer six other courses.

Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy in Hyderabad took a giant leap in 1995 and became a fully functional training centre for students willing to specialize in aviation.  Students get the training using computer-based tools, devices, simulators etc. Joining this college may not be everyone’s cup of tea as they charge more than other colleges. They charge around 20 lakhs to their students but considering the facilities provided in the college, pursuing education from this will be worth every penny. At the end of the course, college authorities ensure that their students get placed in the best companies. A few of the companies that pick students from this campus are- Spice Jet, Pawan Hans, Qatar Airways, Indian Airlines, etc

Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bangalore

Hindustan Aviation Academy, Banglaore is one of the oldest colleges in the country specializing in aviation, aviation management and engineering. Their motto is to provide quality education to their students so that the students can fulfil their dream of leading the aviation industry and carve out a niche for themselves. This college has an association with three different universities. Some of the courses offered by them are:

BTech in Aerospace Engineering

BSc in Aircraft Maintenance, etc.

If you join diploma courses, you will have to pay something around one lakh whereas if you join the main courses, you will have to pay something around 4 lakhs.

Wingss College of Aviation Technology, Pune

The college was established in the year 2006 in the city of Pune. The college offers courses that you can choose from. The courses offered by this college include Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME), Commercial Pilot Licence etc. The complete cost of pursuing a course from here will come approx.7-10 lakhs.

Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics, Ahmedabad

This one of the best aviation colleges that students prefer. They have an amazing placement record. The fee they charge is little higher than the first two colleges we have listed, the complete fee will come around 7 to 25 lakhs.

You can get the Commercial Pilot License from here that will give you green signal for a career in aviation.

Sha-shib Aviation Academy, Kochi

Sha-shib Aviation Academy has been here for more than 29 years giving best education and for making students ready for aviation industry. The courses offered by them in aviation are no less than any other. Besides all this they also conduct activities for students such as training programs and workshops.

The Bottom Line

Those who never quit on their dreams to fly high, aviation is a career for them. At this point in time, when COVID-19 has put a halt on airlines and locks on colleges, aviation is something that cannot be learnt online. But, no matter how hard the situations are, they will end someday and things will get back to normal.

For all those who dream to fly, just remember, you got a dream, you gotta protect it.

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