You’re not doing what you love? Try these!


We all work very hard in our lives to achieve our goals. And in this haste to reach our goal we forget to ask ourselves the important question of whether we actually love what we are doing?

We think only hard work in what we do is sufficient to succeed, but without the right amount of love and passion we cannot be the best, we can only be mediocre. There is also the added effect of emotional insufficiency that we feel when we are doing something we don’t love. But don’t panic, here I give you some simple tips you can try when you are feeling as if you’re not doing what you love.

1. Take what you’re doing on a daily basis

Take what you’re doing on a daily basis rather than taking up more than you can handle. This not only helps relax better but also gives you a clearer understanding of the work thereby enhancing the understanding of your work.

This trick is quite effective because passion only comes with understanding and knowledge; after you understand your work and its affects better, you are sure to love it. Passion and love for work cannot be created in an instant; they grow over time with gaining more knowledge one day at a time.

2. Treat your goals like recipes

We mainly grow to dislike or be disappointed in our work when we fail to achieve success in it. But you need to understand that success has a very fickle meaning and it cannot be achieved in one try. You need to firstly take one step at time and treat your goals like recipes. This allows you to break down your goal into ingredients that you can achieve one at a time hence completing your recipe to success. This makes the whole process of working more fun and interesting thus making you love what you are doing.

3. Get to know those who excelled in your field

Having an idol to look up to gives us a better understanding of the mistakes that we must avoid as well as the right steps we can take. It also motivates us to do better because we want to reach their level of success and fame. Every person has to create and follow their own path to success, so don’t try to mimic ever decision your idol makes. Learn about the people who have excelled in what you are doing and set yourself to achieve their level of fame.

4. Try every part of the work

Every place has a certain hierarchy, so if you get to know of the different positions and their works then you will get a higher understanding of what you are doing. If possible, you must also try the work their doing at least for a day, I guarantee that this will increase your love for what you’re doing.

5. Be ready to be out of your comfort zone

When you are doing something you don’t love, you tend to be cautious. So spice up things by stepping out of your comfort zone and try something at work you have never done before. The excitement and thrill of something new will create love.

Love doesn’t happen in a second, it takes time. So try these simple steps and fall in love with what you are doing!

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