Making the Right Career Choice (Quick Guide)

Career counseling importance

Many students and working professionals feel lost in their career and also sometimes in the academic life as well. This is generally due to indecisiveness in their career and educational fields. This is the time a student or any working individual generally approaches a career counsellor.

Here, we discuss:

  • Where Does a Candidate go Wrong in Making Career Decision?
  • Importance of Personality in Career Selection
  • When Does One Need Career Counselling?
  • Talk To A Career Counsellor

However many haven’t really understood the concept of counselling and its importance. Such people don’t believe the significance the profession has in this generation. The different career prospects that have huge scope in technologically advanced times like these have not been explored enough by this generation youngsters and elders.

Where Does a Candidate go Wrong in Making Career Decision?

Many candidates do not have the knowledge of the different career options that are available in this 21st century. The various ways in which candidates go wrong in making decisions with regard to their career are:

  • Many families still think engineering and medicine are the only two thriving careers.
  • Candidates feel one need to take up the profession based on the subject in their graduation.
  • Masters degree is absolutely necessary in performing well in a profession.
  • Undermining importance of having a dynamic personality.

Importance of Personality in Career Selection

It is quite common that candidates underplay the importance of having an ambitious personality while choosing a career path. If anything it is the single most important factor for having a successful career curve.

Some of the essential personality traits are being confident, brave and having a go getter attitude. Career counsellors are experts in analysing and assessing ones personality. They have knack in nurturing and shaping the candidates personality to be confident and have bright professional future.

When Does One Need Career Counselling?

There are many instances of situations and time in life when people approache a career counsellor. Some of them are:

  • Soon after high school to take the next step right.
  • When their career path does not require any particular course but they still need to get a degree.
  • Students from business families who already have a path laid out for them but they wish to do something different.
  • When an individual has already taken up a career and has not succeeded in it. Counsellors help them to find a career on similar lines.
  • Many students have no idea as to what to take up after graduation and are completely lost. This when an education counsellor or career counsellor helps them to explore and gain interest in a particular profession.
  • A middle aged working professional wishes to change his or her career path for better financial returns, and also sometimes to rid of the burden of their already working profession.

In situations like these where one is extremely confused and not sure of what career path to choose, here are some tips.

  1. Take up internships: Students are advised to take up internships for a month or two during their summer break. This gives them an idea as to what that particular profession has in store for them. This will expand the horizon of the student.
  2. Consider making a hobby as profession: This could be the most satisfying move in anybody’s life in terms of their career. Students or working professionals who have been pursuing hobbies can also consider making them their full time profession. Hobbies like painting, dancing, singing and many other art forms especially can be converted into professions. This can be very rewarding and satisfying at the same time.
  3. Reach out to career counselors: There are many career counselors working online and offline to help people find the right direction. Students are advised to consult or take education guidance from a career counselor where different career options are placed on display. This will make the student aware of many other paths that he or she can opt for.

Talk To A Career Counsellor

Many companies have sprung up and are working in this domain. Given the number of career options available these days starting from being a writer, speaker, host, consultant manager, marketing associate, social media marketing manager, blogger, You Tuber, Recruiter etc. selecting one option can get slightly overwhelming. Most of these careers options were non-existent a decade ago. The ever changing dimensions of the society, business and market need to be carefully perused and understood to make an informed decision.

We at Opennaukri are helping students make right choice, which should complement their interests, skills and passion. There are multiple options out there, but yet people know only a few. The success in a career depends upon your interests and passion towards it. Before you take a wrong step now and regret later, talk to career experts at Opennaukri and draw the road to a successful and satisfying career.

Wrapping Up

The immense need of bringing the change in the predefined mindset of people towards making a career choice is one of the aim that drives us to work. Our experts are available to help you understand your choices and make a well-informed decision. We provide guidance for education and career related counselling via online platform or through one-to-one telephonic conversation. We also connect the individuals to successful people in that profession to make them know the real struggle and challenges of earning success. Of all the things one needs to know about career counselling, something that is essentially important is that the students or a working professionals have to take the decision for themselves. The career or education counsellors can direct you or show you a path which needs to be walked by you.

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