How to Build a Career in Cricket

How to Build a Career in Cricket

Do you love playing cricket? Are you passionate to have a career in cricket? You don’t miss even a single game of cricket? Then you can seek a career in cricket. Every other guy on street loves to play cricket, but not everyone can have a successful career in this field. Also, if only you think you are good at playing doesn’t mean you are a good player.

Talents always find a way to reach mass, and if not just you but everyone around you think you are a good player, you can think of undertaking training in the game. This would be the best way to sharpen your skills and build a career. Now the million-dollar question is how to get started?

Here we have discussed some steps that will help you, read on to know

1.    Make Your Way to Excel

Though you will be given professional training, but you should have the required passion and the basic knowledge of the game. You should know the history of cricket and what makes you love this game. Remember you will be taught how to hit the ball? But you should know how to lift the bat. Before joining any academy, make sure to know why you want a career in cricket, and how passionate you are to play.

2.    Gain Experience

Having some experience is always a plus, try playing in your school team, or college team, before joining any professional academy. You need to be the part of a club team, state team, or under -19 national teams. This will help you get some experience. This experience will be of great help when you join an academy.

3.    Get Basic Knowledge of the Game

Don’t be completely blank while joining the academy. You will be able to perform well, if you know the basics of game. You should even know about the rules of the game. Take aid from your elders for the same. Remember to know your aim. You are learning to play. Take things seriously.

Practice more and more to reach perfectionism. To get proper training, one definitely needs to join an academy, but you must have the zeal to play. Given below are the best academies of India that you can to get proper cricket training.

1. Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar

The Sehwag Cricket Academy is one of the best known academies of the country. It is known to have world-class cricketing infrastructure. Virender Sehwag aims to prepare excellent cricket players for the country. The newcomers get training from Ranji-Players. It will be a good option for you to join this academy.

2. Karnataka Institute of Cricket, Bangalore

This academy is perfect for young cricket players. They are very dedicated towards the career of players. They keep on organizing different physical programs frequently to lift the spirit of players. One of the best facilities is audio-video sessions. They help beginners a lot. They take many measures to improve cricketer’s skills.

3. National School of Cricket, Dehradun

This academy has number of expert coaches. It has helped many players in making their career in cricket. The best thing is that they provide full-time residential course. Once you get admitted in National School of Cricket, Dehradun, you will be benefitted for sure. This place uses very advanced technologies. The players are given tough training for better career.

4. Madan Lal Cricket Academy, Delhi

It is run by Madan Lal. He believes in excellence. This is the reason why he always takes trials before giving admissions. This academy provides quality cricket coaching. This academy organizes various sessions with national and international players. It helps the players to get valuable tips. Provision of world-class infrastructure makes it very advanced.                    

The bottom Line

When you find your passion and make a career in the same, everything becomes easy for you. People should understand that there can be a career in sports too. I hope this article helps you in reaching a decision. All the best!

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