History of Cricket in India

history of cricket in India

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Cricket is a sport that is most played and enjoyed in India. But very few know about the history of cricket of how and from where it originated and how and when it came to India. Although there is no definite opinion about the origin of cricket. According to some persons, this game was originated in France while the majority of the persons say that Cricket was originated in England. According to the ‘Wisdon’, which is called the bible of cricket, the cricket was mentioned first time in 1300 A.D. It is verified from the bat and ball, which were found from the almirah of ‘King of Edward’. The first time, the word ‘cricket’ was used in the edition of the English-Italian dictionary of Florida. According to some people, the cricket used to be played by cowboys and shepherds of England during the 13th century. In 1706, William Gold mentioned a cricket match in his poem. In 1709. The first cricket match was played between the teams of London and Kent. In 1710, Cambridge University and in 1729, Oxford university started playing the cricket.Talking about the history of cricket in India as a whole is based on the existence and development of the British Raj through the East India Company.

On December 31st of 1600, a Royal Charter to the (EIC) East India Company was granted by Queen Elizabeth 1, often referred to as the “John Company”. It was primarily a joint-stock firm that sought trading rights in India and the East Indies, the Royal Charter also effectively gave it a 21-year control on all trade in the country. In time, the East India Company changed from a commercial trading venture to one which virtually ruled India as it acquired secondary governmental and military functions, until its dissolution in 1858 following the Indian Mutiny. The East India Company was the main introducer of cricket in India.

The Company efficiently founded the city of Madras, in 1639, and in 1661 acquired the Portuguese territory on the west coast of India that included Bombay (now Mumbai). In 1690, an Anglo-Mughal treaty allowed the English merchants to set up a trading settlement on the Hooghly River, which later became Calcutta. After some time, all these places became leading centers of cricket as the popularity of the game grew among the native population.

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The history of “formal” cricket in India begins from 1721. A cricket club was formed in Calcutta in 1792. In the beginning, cricket was played by kings and princes but now it has become the most popular game in India. The first team from India toured England in 1886. In the beginning, the Indian cricket players showed their capabilities by participating in Foreign teams. The first time, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the member of English team made a century in world cup cricket. India played its first test match against England at Lords ground in 1932. The Ranji trophy was stated in 1934. In 1928, under the chairmanship of R.E. Grant, the Indian Cricket Council Board was formed. The first ICC Twenty20 world cup cricket was started in 2007.

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