Scholarship for MBA Students


Education is one of the prime factors of human life. It makes us the best we can be. Enriching potential, students can fulfill each and every dream with the requirement of education.

After completing higher education students have different dreams and they go on forward with their dreams. They work hard day and night to achieve their dream and fulfill their aim.

One of such courses is MBA where India has a very high rate of students going for MBA. But getting into MBA is not a child’s play. In such cases, a scholarship comes up as a very good and well planned innovative.

What is an MBA Scholarship?

An MBA Scholarship requires candidates to start planning early and to prove in the application they are serious about their future career prospects and future. A prestigious scholarship not only helps to sustain a student during studies, it represents an important testimony to his ambition dedication and progress in academic and business. One of the most important factors is that including the MBA scholarship in one’s CV is highly beneficial in presenting employers and partners.

MBA Scholarship Can be Full or Partial

A full scholarship covers the whole university tuition fee but not usually the living expenses. A partial scholarship is usually easier to obtain but some requirements must nevertheless be filled. This may mean that the student has to show progress good grade point average etc. Extending scholarship for the second or third year is also conditional in most cases is possible to receive a deferred scholarship for the second year of study, again on the basis of good academic performances.

Merit vs Need Based

Some scholarships are based on the merits of the candidates while others are based on their needs. In 2010 the London Business School (LBS) funded 30 scholarships of up to 20,000. The suitability of the students was determined according to their academic and professional

merits. MBA students from the LBS who receive an offer for study during 2013 can also benefit from seven needs based designed for people earning less than 15,000 per year and who would not be able to study at the London Business School without a scholarship

Excellent Academics

MBA schools offer various scholarships for their students. Candidates must meet certain conditions the most common being good GMAT scores and excellent academic results and/or career achievements. Most schools offer full or partial awards for their best students. Receiving a scholarship requires candidates to start preparing early and to prove their application early and to prove in the application they ate serious about their career prospects and future. A prestigious scholarship not only helps to sustain during studies it represents an important testimony to a students ambition, dedication, and progress in academic and business

Competition for Scholarship

The key factor which candidates must keep in mind is they decide to apply for a scholarship is that good preparation take time. The process has to start earlier than the usual student application. If a student wants to study in September/October, he should start searching for scholarships months earlier at the latest. The best strategy is to apply to a large number of institutions and diversify one’s choice of schools. It is advisable to apply to schools to which it may be hard to gain admission and to somewhere a student is sure that he can be admitted and receive a scholarship.

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