How To Decide If MBA is Right Career For You

MBA Career

Do you think MBA degree offers a plethora of opportunities? Do your parents consider this course as the biggest investment for your future? Then read to know how to know if MBA is the right career for you. Considering the fee and other expenses for 2 years of regular courses, one must think if an MBA is the right career choice for them or not.

From the past few years, MBA has become one of the most popular courses and many graduates feel that the path of great career passes through MBA colleges. But considering the risk of money and time involved in this course, we would suggest you do some self-analysis before applying for it. Read on to know more.

How to Know MBA is the Right Career Choice?

There is no doubt that MBA opens new doors of opportunities for many. But if you pick this course only to cash it in the future then you may regret your decision later. The college placement might land you a great job but to grow in your career, you will have to develop the skills. However, the cruel realty is that their are people who end up getting no jobs after MBA. What could be the reason? Choice of college? or Choice of Career?

Know What You Want To Do

It’s surprising but true that many MBA aspirants appear in this course only because of other’s influence.  You need to be very sure about pursuing the MBA. Not only the course requires investment of big money, but it does require candidates to gain the skills.

There are a few factors that you must consider before deciding on pursuing MBA. Ask yourself why you want to do MBA? What is your field of interest (IT, Finance, HR, Marketing)? Why MBA is the only way to achieve you dreams? If you have answer for these question, MBA is the right choice for you. Besides this you must also know the scope of MBA and the jobs you can land after completion of the course.

Some popular career options after MBA are Business analyst, strategist, business development Managers, directors, entrepreneur, financial analyst, management consultant, marketing analyst,  project manager, product & program manager, and operations analyst. If any one of them can take you to your career destination then you should definitely go for MBA.

Leadership Quality

There are two types of people in the world, the first ones are like train coaches that follow the engine and other work as engine of a train. If you fall in the second category then MBA is just the right career choice for you. MBA course has the potential that can help you to start your career in a good company and your leadership quality can take you to the top designation.    

It’s Not All About Money

If you want to do MBA course only to get a handsome salary then you need to think twice before investing a huge amount of money in this course. All the organizations work on the concept of profit and loss, if you are result oriented then you will get the promotions and the salary hikes and if you couldn’t perform well then the pressure will be built on you. In short, you will get a handsome salary in any profession if you know how to perform well. MBA is not a sure shot way to get a good salary.

Looking for Career Advancement

Many industries hire only MBAs on a few designations and salaries are of course higher at these roles. If you want to reach that type of post where you will get the chance to lead a team and you play an important role in the policy making of the company then you should go for MBA.

For Promotion  

MBA is not only for the fresh graduates, but many experienced candidates also want to go for this course for promotion in the present job or to change their present field. If you are at the managerial post from a long time and want to get promotion in terms of roles and responsibilities then you can choose the Executive MBA option for you. MBA degree after working experience offers more benefits.

Winding It Up  

MBA is like a bridge which takes you from your current position to the better one. Many so-called free birds mock  MBAs by calling them prisoners of cubical (thanks to Bollywood movies) but the fact is life in a normal office after MBA is exciting.

The corporate world is cruel, it rewards you for good work and humiliates you for bad ones. If you are ready to handle this kind for treatment then yes, MBA is for you. If you have problem-solving skills and you can work in a team, you are good at networking then MBA is the right choice for you.

Hope this post has cleared your doubts about MBA. If still dicey about taking up this course then write to us in the comment box below. 

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