MBA After Engineering: Worth or Not?

MBA After Engineering: Worth or Not?

Choosing a right career is the toughest decision to be made by any student. Some questions run in our minds before we make a career decision, whether to pursue higher studies or to go for a job after engineering? Whether to choose M.Tech., MS or MBA after B.Tech./BE? Why do MBA after engineering? Are there any disadvantages of this career choice? And what are the advantages?

Getting MBA degree after engineering has been always an advantage because it gives an added benefit to your engineering skills. Going for MBA after B.Tech./BE depends on the interest and career goals of the individual.

This career choice is not a new trend, there are a lot of students in India who choose MBA after engineering degree. Also, students from institutes like IITs and NITs prefer to go for MBA after completing their engineering.

Whether to Choose MBA or M.Tech./MS After Engineering?

Engineers must get some work experience in their engineering field before going for an MBA degree. Getting job experience will help them in evaluating their interest, and the corporate environment. After doing a job for 1-2 years they can make better decisions. They will definitely have a better idea whether they want to continue the job or pursue MBA. If they choose MBA, then they must decide the field they want to opt for. They can choose fields of their own choice, such as MBA in IT, Marketing, Finance, or Human Resource.

Also, there is a bunch of engineers who get into engineering by chance, they don’t have any interest in the technical field. They get into engineering because they haven’t decided anything about their goals. Such students can also opt for MBA, this will help overcome the previous mistake. Why I say them to choose MBA after engineering, because it can take their career to right direction. Also, they can choose their desired field for MBA, as it welcomes graduates from all fields.

Those engineering students who have deep interest in their core field should not consider MBA. They should go for an advanced technical degree in their field like MS or M.Tech. This will keep their interest alive, and doing research work in the core technology will give them utmost pleasure.

The Benefits of Doing MBA after Engineering

  • Exposure to management and business related issues.
  • Engineers planning to start their own business, gets strategic and qualitative skills.
  • Better understanding of the fundamentals of business that complements the skills learned in engineering.
  • Development of group management and team leading qualities
  • Finding a satisfactory job in this cut throat competition
  • Getting faster promotions than those without an MBA degree
  • Opportunity to change career from technical jobs to managerial

Winding It Up 

Finally, we understood that doing MBA after engineering is not a bad choice. In fact, it is always beneficial for students. However, personal interest and goals always matter. Hope the article helps you in choosing the right career after engineering. Choose the career path that will help you stand out in the competition and supports your desires and goals.


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