Executive MBA or One Year MBA, Which One is Better?

Executive MBA choices

Since the inception of the MBA in 1908, this course has spawned numerous variant. The executive MBA and one year regular MBA programme are one of the latest variants of the MBA programme. Both the of MBA programmes offer the same course of Masters of Business Administration within the same duration but still they are not considered as same and equal. The difference between both programmes lies in their entry requirement, study pattern, expense, and availability. 

As the duration of both courses is the same so sometimes the MBA aspirants get confused to choose the most suitable one for them. In terms of popularity also both the courses give tough competition to each other.  Moreover, both courses are equally well respected in the employment sector.

Now an obvious question can come up in your mind that how both courses are different when they have so many similarities. You can get the answer to these questions related to EMBA and One year MBA from this post. We have compiled this post keeping in mind the confusion that most people face while choosing an MBA programme for them so this post will really help you to come to a decision.

Difference between Executive MBA and One year MBA

Before looking for the difference between Executive MBA and One Year MBA, we need to go back on the 1990s to understand the circumstances that made MBA popular in a country like India where patrimony comes first and skills second.

How MBA get Popular in India

In India, MBA programme got hyped during the 1990s when the country was going through the economic reformation.  At that time the requirement of some professionals was felt by the companies to compete with other national and international organizations. Iconic management institutions like IIMs offered these professionals to big companies.

As the market opened up for foreign investors, the new opportunities came up but as companies used to prefer the MBA Professionals at that time so suddenly the experienced employees started to feel the need of professional knowledge and skill sets. And as we know that necessity is the mother of inventions so India had its first Executive MBA Institute ISB for experienced employees. Now the big business schools started to offer the 2 years regular MBA and One Executive MBA only for experienced students.

The new age B schools have taken one extra step by launching the one year MBA to attract today’s faster young generation along with their flagship MBA programme.

In executive MBA the candidates already have experienced so it’s not required to teach him the basic business model. And in One year MBA programme, all the topics are taught in fast forward mode and 6 months internship (compulsory for regular MBA) has been cut down by the course offering schools. So technically we can say that there is no much difference between both of courses.

Executive MBA or One Year MBA which one is better

As we stated above that Executive MBA and fast track version of MBA both don’t have much difference. Many B schools have also made it mandatory for one year MBA aspirants to have 5 years of experience. This made both courses more similar and this similarity can be a cause of confusion among MBA aspirants. Below mentioned information about both types of courses will help you to identify the best one for you.

Requirements for Both of the Courses

  • The MBA programme is designed for graduates to make them familiar with the business models and other basic requirements. Whereas the Executive MBA programme is designed for those who carry some experience with them.
  • For One year MBA course, GMAT score is required (most of the B schools ask for it) but for executive MBA the applicant must have certain years of experience.

Study Plan

  • Executive MBA may be of part time or full time so the applicant can continue working while upgrading his skills. But the MBA programme for one year is a full-time course.
  • In MBA programme the students can have varieties of specialization but executive MBA doesn’t offer this facility to the experienced students. Executive MBA can be done to upgrade the present experience.
  • In EMBA classes are tend to be faster and usually conducted on weekends assuming that the candidates are working and already well aware of the basics of subjects. In MBA (one year) classes are faster but conducted daily. In this course, the students get the basic knowledge about the subject and specialization.
  • MBA course offers a job at entry level to the students but Executive MBA offers promotion the candidate from middle managerial level to upper-level management.


  • The one year MBA course has longer study sessions in comparison to Executive MBA so it is costlier than the executive programme.
  • MBA offers more chances to scholarship but in EMBA you will not get any scholarship. Though your company can finance you for your Executive MBA programme.

The Bottom Line 

Here you have a detailed picture of two varieties of MBA courses and the ball is in your court to choose the best-suited course for you. Your decision will depend on your corporate experience and the quality time you have for studies.

If you want to know more about Executive or one year MBA programme then write to us in the comment box below, we shall revert you.

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