MBA After B.Com – Options and Scope

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After graduation, the actual dilemma of a person starts, a struggle to study further or prefer a job. It is an extremely difficult and daunting task to come up with an accurate solution to it all. There are major ideas that will fall into place once B.Com is completed since it gradually opens two options commerce and business. However, one can never be sure about which route they will follow up in business. Also, there is no guarantee that good marks will secure your position for any field. It is better to have a clear idea and be on the edge to ensure that the right path is secured.

First and foremost thing to remember is that there are so many options that will be given by relatives, friends, family, etc. but you need to have proper research before opting for a single option. Here are all the nitty-gritty things that covered up by us that help one to understand the options that one have after B.Com in higher education.

Scope for a career after B.Com

Right Time to Choose – There are many people that think the scope about B.Com and are confused about it. At last, they decided to opt for higher education once they completed their B.Com. However, there is a drastic change in the market and over a year and so, it has gone to a whole new level. Even after such change, it keeps on changing with advancement and technologies. Hence, it is essential to know the future scope of higher studies before sitting for the final exams.

Courses that are recommended – There are different courses that are recommended by people for B.Com graduates. Many of them usually opt for investment banking, financial analyst and finance training, etc.

Career Options after B.Com

Now, one knows the right time to know what to do in the future, then come to the things that you can actually do. However, there are options that one can look out for the options that one can actually prefer.

  1. CA – Chartered Accountant – This is the major option that is preferred by the students after completing B.Com. This is one of the difficult examinations that many students fail to cross. The first level known as Common Proficiency Test – CPT is not a cake walk for students.
  2. Finance – MBA – There is no doubt that .B.Com and MBA add value to the career choice of students. Many people confuse accounting with finance but they are far different than one can expect. Finance is a huge part whereas accounting is a smaller part of it. There are so many options that in the Finance part that one require to prepare off XAT, CAT, and GMAT.
  3. Financial Modelling – It is the course that can be taken up with MBA course as well. It is considered an art that allows one to build a reputation in the industry. This helps in depicting statements in finance while working on the investment analysis. It is a way to get an edge in the career aspect to get a flow with credit, equity research, acquisition, merger, etc.

Career after MBA

There are major things that can be taken up by the students once they completed their MBA post-graduation after B.Com graduation. The key option that is taken up by the students in Human Resource Management. There are policies that allow one to work in the operations and roles that are covered up in the company. There are other roles that can be secured by students such as Labor Relations Specialists, Administrative Services Manager, Human Resource Specialist, Training and Development Managers, etc.

Another of the job role that is trending for MBA students is Master Researchers. There is no doubt that companies are giving a huge completion to others with the latest advancement. However, with such advancement, it is becoming essential for companies to rely on candidates that know the work efficiently. This is opening up new doors for them and helping them meet the demands of the industry. The main responsibilities include negotiation with clients that helps in liaising and meetings, market researcher, research projects, etc. These are focus group transcript and surveys with a fixed solution and pattern to work in the interpretation as well as analyses.

This is the overview that one can do after their B.Com graduation that is followed up by MBA working condition. It helps in working up the inclination of a complete course that is performed by the whole accounting structure. However, the whole process can be followed up by CPA, CA and even ACCA. Even an MBA from a reputed college can be a good option for a better and secure future.

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