Types of MBA: Exploring Your Options


M.B.A. Masters in Business Administration is a postgraduate degree, any student who already has a bachelor’s degree can opt for an MBA degree, sometimes people who have a master’s degree of any other course also return to school for an MBA degree. The MBA degree is the most common and best degree in the world if you want a job in the corporate sector. A student studying MBA has a precise knowledge of management principles and business administration, this helps the students to get a job in a wide range of sectors. MBA degree is of different types such as:

Marketing- with the increase in competition a company needs to adopt excellent marketing skills, including the ability to differentiate your product from other products in the market. Marketing department helps in bringing new business, generation of revenue, increase in market share and profitability, etc.

Human resources- A specialization in HR helps the student to understand how to acquire, manage and maintain workforce within a business organization in an organized and systematic manner.

FinanceIt is one of the most popular choices among students, it may be because of the high pay in the finance sector. The specialization in finance helps an individual to get thorough insights into how the financial world functions, several financial theories and how these can be applied to solve the various business problems. The job options you have after MBA Finance are investment banking, hedge funds or private equity, portfolio management, hedge fund management, asset management, credit risk management, etc.

Information Systems- With the increase in technology in every sector, the study of information system has substantially risen. Nowadays, business management wants a professional who has the combined knowledge of business and advanced technical expertise. The knowledge is helpful in the e-commerce sector. After completing the course one would gain the technical knowledge of emerging technologies in the IT field.

Consulting- consulting is also one of the most demanded degrees, maybe a dream job for someone. The high profile jobs, high packaged salary with perks, and the opportunity of traveling places sounds alluring to students. Consultation is hired to solve any problem occurring in the organization, or to take charge of any project that might not be handled by the internal staff.

Entrepreneurship- The sole purpose of the subject is to gain the knowledge and strategic skills to start your own business. The program develops skills like leadership, managerial, organizational, etc. The Entrepreneurs face the challenging task of building a business model with limited available resources.

Operations Management-The knowledge of operations management would provide you with the expertise required to efficiently manage the entire organization and tasks related to services or products that the organization has a competitive edge over others.

MBA degrees are often divided into various different categories. For example, there are full-time MBA degree programs and part-time MBA programs (distance education, etc.). Part-time MBA programs are commonly known as Evening or Weekend MBA programs because classes are basically held on weekday evening or weekends. Programs like this allow students to keep working part-time, while they earn their degree.

There are also different types of MBA degrees. Like, First, there is the traditional two-year MBA program, Then, There’s also an accelerated MBA program, which takes just one year to 18 months to complete.

A third option is an executive MBA program, which is designed for current business executives.


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