Executive MBA – Opportunities, Scope and Colleges in India

Executive MBA

If you are an ambitious professional but feeling trapped at the middle-level manager post then Executive MBA is the option that you might want to pick up. This EMBA Programme is the best solution for those who have 5-15 years of experience in middle management and want to give a turbo start to their career to reach to the upper managerial position.

Executive MBA programme is designed for experienced professionals and it offers a lot more than vocational training and basic managerial skills. The potential benefits of these programmes are huge and the best part of this MBA programme is it’s flexible and allows the students to keep their full-time job while earning their degree.  Executive MBA is becoming popular in India whereas it’s already popular among the managers in other countries.

In this post, we will talk about the Opportunities, Scope, and Colleges for Executive MBA in India.

Scope of Executive MBA in India

The conventional approach considers education and employment as separate but the modern outlook considers a job as the result of education. So it becomes necessary in today’s competitive work environment to keep updating yourself. A consisting improvement in knowledge and skills is the key to success in a career.  This statement made the scope of Executive MAB wider.

In India usually, people start their career immediately after their studies get completed. The small scale industry offers the job to many nonprofessional degree holders too but when they gain the experience of 5 -8 years then it becomes difficult for them to move to a bigger company. Executive MBA gives a boost to their resume. Executive MBA also adds a feather in the cap of experienced candidates. 

Opportunities in Executive MBA

Executive MBA programme gives a competitive edge to your career. EMBA is generally fast track course and it gets completed in lesser time. Degree of this programme can position you a promotion especially if you are working for a managerial post in HR, Finance and Marketing departments.

 Though this programme will sharpen your skills it never comes to offer immediate benefits to you. So it becomes more crucial to step up for this programme as its a bit costly. So here we will tell you about the opportunities that can come in your way when you plan for EMBA course.

  • If you are thinking about pursuing an MBA then you already have 5-6 years of experience and you must have reached that position where you need to upgrade yourself.
  •  After completion of Executive MBA, you will be able to apply for the posts where only MBAs are required.
  • During promotion in your present company, your educational skills up-gradation will also be kept in mind by the concerned department. According to a study in 2015, after successful completion of EMBA the employees’ promotion percentage has been reached up to 40%.
  • This programme also enables you to take up major challenges in your job like change in location or industry.
  • The people you met during your course open new ways for you in terms of career and other fields. A study says that the EMBA applicants have 11 years of experience as an average. When you get to meet a professional with a huge experience of 10-11 years then your professional circle becomes larger and so does your links in big organizations.

The EMBA brings opportunities with it but if you want an immediate pay off after completion of your programme then you may get disappointed. So have patience and wait for the right opportunity to get benefits from your Executive MBA degree.   

Executive MBA Colleges in India

  1. Indian School of Business (ISB)

ISB is the first choice of many professionals for an Executive MBA course. This institute was the first to introduce the concept of EMBA in India. Applicant should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in any discipline from any recognized university to apply for EMBA. It is also must for the applicant to possess a minimum of 10 years of full-time work experience as on the date of submitting the application.

Fee: INR 3370800

  • Indian Institute of Management- Ahmadabad (IIMA)

IIM offers a diploma in Executive MBA. To apply for EMBA from IIM applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline.

Fee: INR 2400000

  • Indian Institute of Management – Calcutta (IIMC)

Candidate must a graduate or equivalent in any discipline with 5 years of work experience and GMAT score.

Fee: INR 2200000

  • Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

A graduate candidate with 45% marks can apply for executive MBA from FMS – Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi, North Campus. This college offers a virtual classroom to its students.

Fee: INR 100000

  • Indian Institute of Management (IIMK) – IIM Kozhikode

A graduate candidate with a minimum of 36 months of experience can apply for EMBA from this institute.

Fee: INR 2200000

  •  Xavier School of Management (XLRI) – Jamshedpur

Applicant should have a minimum of 5 years managerial work experience, first class in the bachelor’s degree

Fee: INR 1600000 

  • Indian Institute of Management- Indore (IIMIDR)

Applicant must possess a minimum of 5 years of managerial/ entrepreneurial/ professional experience after graduation and CAT, GMAT scores.

Fee: INR 1800000

8.  Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)- New Delhi

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade provides an Executive Post Graduate Diploma with specialization in International Business.  To apply for EMBA from this institute the applicant must have done Post Graduation/Engineering or equivalent degree from a recognized University and Minimum 3 years of managerial work experience, the institute conducts group discussions and essay writing before interviews in its selection process.

Fee: INR 350000

Winding it Up

To conclude everything at last we would say that Executive MBA is a great choice if you want to accelerate your career. Executive MBA is a great way to provide rigorous, specialized training for career-focused professionals while staying in a job. If you have any query related to Executive MBA then drop it in the comment box below, we shall revert you.


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