MBA After Graduation or After Gaining Work Experience?


If you are one who is in a dilemma of either opting for work experience or to do MBA, this is the article you need to be reading. We shall discuss the pros and cons of both the choices. Firstly we need to make clear that there is no alternative for learning through work experience. It’s the best and most efficient way of learning. You are also boosting up your CV. Though it has it’s own pros and cons.

Both the learning experience cannot be compared together. MBA program is an extensive program which provided knowledge about 30 to 40 subjects including business, management, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, functional areas like finance, marketing, Human resources, Operations etc.  Just in a period of two years one learn a lot of things and gets a good vivid range of experience and knowledge.

Not only knowledge, but it also helps the students to increase their skill level and engage abilities. If one doesn’t do MBA and tries to get such knowledge it might take him much more time to do so. Thus MBA is an accelerated learning process in itself. It is equally beneficial for both streams science and commerce as it gives one opportunity to go and work beyond his or her stream.

For example, a science stream student can do MBA in sales and marketing and can work in customer support in a Bank. Being an able fresh graduate, you will feel more engaged in the MBA program and will not have to dedicate yourself to getting a job.

Now if you have already worked in a industry and gained a work experience it is going to help you in getting into a good B school especially abroad where a work experience is highly preferred. Most of the case studies have shown that work experience holders doing an MBA are more preferred than the ones who have no work experience. It will also make you more mature in thinking and build up your personality. You shall have a more comprehensive mindset.

People with MBA degree are everywhere but not everyone has a package of worth noting, this is because of the rat race and the top graduates getting the creamy packages. If you happen to be an average performer in MBA with comparatively lesser credit score but a prior work experience will attract recruiting companies. Hence it is more advisable to choose or opt for a short-term industry work experience before taking on MBA.

During this time one can also prepare for getting a better CAT score. Consider an MBA as a multiplier, it not only is valuable on its own but it increases value to whatever you have already done. In case of the work experience, you will have multiplied your work experience with your MBA degree producing much better chances of getting employed.

There it is, the truth has been spoken. But if you think you are ready to embrace the MBA as soon as you get graduated, there is no harm. It has its own advantage. An early start is one of them.

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