MBA After Graduation or After Gaining Work Experience?


If you are not sure of what to choose a job or MBA? You landed at the right place! Read on to know the answers to your questions. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of both the choices. However, you can also choose MBA after gaining work experience, but regular MBA has its own value that we can’t oversee.

Brief on Regular MBA

When you decide on doing MBA, you should explore the options available. MBA is an extensive program that provides knowledge on 30 to 40 subjects including business, management, communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, functional areas like finance, marketing, Human resources, Operations etc.  Just in a period of two years one can learn a lot of things and gets a good vivid range of experience and knowledge.

Not only knowledge, but it also helps the students to increase their skill level and abilities. MBA is an accelerated learning process in itself. It is equally beneficial for all stream candidates as it gives opportunity to work on management positions.

MBA for Experienced

If you are already working on a management position and  want to pursue MBA, you can choose Executive MBA. Getting into a good B school becomes easy for you because you already have half the working knowledge and rest you gain during MBA. This MBA allows you to pursue your MBA dreams along with the job. There is one more option called One Year MBA, but here you have to join a regular course. Most of the case studies have shown that work experience holders doing an MBA land at better positions. It also adds to your personality and enhances your management and decision making skills.

MBA and the Creamy Packages 

Not all people with MBA degree are working on a creamy package, this is because of the rat race and the top graduates that win the race. If you happen to be an average performer in MBA with comparatively lesser credit score but have a prior work experience in the field, you will be able to attract recruiters.

Why CAT for MBA?

CAT is the exam that gets you admission in the most reputed B schools, IIMs. So, pull up your pants, take a deep breath and jump in the waters. However, you should also know that apart from regular MBA, IIMs also offer one-year MBA. Getting MBA degree form IIM is itself enough to fetch a job with creamy package.

The Bottom Line

Consider an MBA as a multiplier, it not only is valuable on its own but it increases value to whatever you have already done. In case of the work experience, MBA degree will add value to the experience you hold. You will find yourself at a better position for sure.

There it is, the truth has been spoken. But if you think you are ready to embrace the MBA as soon as you get graduated, there is no harm. It has its own advantage. An early start is one of them.

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