Father of the Nation: His Ideals And Teachings


Mahatma Gandhi was an iconic figure in India’s freedom struggle. It was not without substance that he was called the father of the nation. He is an inspiration to everyone and his ideas and principles could never have been more precious and valuable than today. In today’s world of hectic struggles and chaos, his way of living can teach a lot of us. His management and leadership skills can be very well be infused in your daily life as he did throughout his life.

Listed below are some of those qualities which we can learn from Gandhi ji.

Walk the Talk

Gandhi ji was a man of his words. He believed in what he said. His practices and preaching went hand in hand and for him. He never went astray from what he taught to his followers. Today, building trust in the market is a supreme need, by ‘walking our talk’ you can show that you are one who keeps promises. This way you can win over your customers as well as your employees if you happen to be a CEO of a company.

Lead by example

A great leader leads by example not by orders. Gandhiji taught this to us by his campaigns like The Civil Disobedience, Satyagraha, Quit India etc. He led the people from the front and it was behind him that thousands of people willingly went to jails. If one leads his colleagues by example and try not to command them but develop faith in them such that they do what they are told with full dedication and not because of the feeling of being bound.

Honest Brand

Mahatma Gandhi has become synonymous with the word truth. Such was his personal moral values that the people around him were keen on connecting with him. His integrity, transparency, and truthfulness helped him get an emotional connection with the people. This is a required trait of a leader. He should be honest and transparent in his dealings.

Using your available resources

What could have been the most powerful weapon for Indians against the mighty British Empire? It was the unarmed willpower of Gandhi Ji and his followers who knew that only through ahimsa they can efficiently keep on with their protest before the Britishers. Managing your resources is a key to the success of any organization. Strategic use of resources is a must.

Build a great team

Mahatma Gandhi had a great team of freedom fighters with him. Jawaharlal Nehru, C.Rajgopalachari, Vallabh Bhai Patel, Jinnah and many others were with him in tandem for a common cause that was freedom of India. They complemented each other. They considered Gandhi Ji as their leader and respected his orders.

Effective communication

Gandhi Ji in his own words said “A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” He always tried to maintain a verbal communication with his followers and teammates and tried to sort out problems by arbitration. This is a trait of a great leader. Without the power of communication, every big business will become mediocre in nature. There will be no scope for growth.

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