Career In Sports In India


“He was geared up for the domestic cricket tournament at 14 when he was asked to focus on studies instead of cricket since the probability of getting selected in the national cricket team is zilch.” Such were the stories of every teenager two decades back in India.

A career in sports in India had always been either accidental or influenced, but never on merits. However, the scene started changing with the rise of the Indian aspirations among youth to achieve global recognition. Socio-political thinking adopted the new thinking and started a new era of the revival of sports in India.

Abhinav Bindra, Raghvendra Singh Rathore, Sushil Kumar, and Mary Kom are the epitome of India’s rise in the global sports arena. Despite, how many of Indians know about the prospects for a career in sports in India and the scope itself?

Would you want to know how you can carve out your sports career in India? Let’s check out.

Sports Authority Of India

There is a Sports Authority of India that is constituted by the central government to identify and nurture the new sporting talents in India. Besides, now in India, lot many corporate houses take a direct and decisive interest in developing sports in India creating infrastructure at the local level.

So far as the SAI is concerned, it runs numerous projects at national and state level for many sports. One can appear for the physical and written tests conducted by SAI to quality for one of the schemes and to receive complete support from the SAI.

The Career Options:

Sports Person:

Every teenager in India wants to become Sachin Tendulkar, Sania Mirza, or Bhaichung Bhutia. To become a sports person, one should go through the rigorous training to attain an excellence in skills to be able to get selected in state or national team. Besides SAI, there are many private sports academies in India where one can enroll.


Sports coaching is another lucrative career that incentivizes amazingly. Not all are built to play the sports of a particular nature. But after having a proper education in the field of Physical Education, Sports Medicine, Sports Management and other sports-related fields, one can easily provide coaching at various levels helping build next-generation sportsperson.


Managing on-field sports is the challenging task to ensure each sportsperson has the level playing field to perform within the rules of the game. This makes the job of referees and umpires tough. One needs to possess in-depth knowledge of the game, it rules, the local culture as well knowledge of the equipment to analyze, judge, and decide in split seconds on the field.

Sports Journalism:

Immense knowledge, ability to analyze in-depth and a huge database of records in particular sports is what requires besides basic education in journalism to become a sports journalist. One of the most sought-after career in sports options; especially outside India, this has been to cover the biggest sports events and imparting the best of sports knowledge.

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