What is Wushu and Who is Sadia Tariq?

Sadia Tariq

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Sadia Tariq, an Indian wushu player, recently won the gold medal at a junior tournament which was held in Moscow. She was the only female competitor in her division and won the gold medal. She is the first Indian to ever win this prestigious title.

What is Wushu?

Wushu is a complete martial art with hard and soft techniques, and it’s also a full-contact sport. It has a long history that dates back to 1949, when it was created in order to standardize the many martial arts styles, formalize the training system, and help develop a healthier form of self-defense. Wushu today is practiced as a competitive sport in China, where it is considered one of the major cultural assets of the country.

History of Wushu

Wushu is a Chinese martial art, which has grown to encompass a number of different styles. This includes many traditional styles, as well as modern creations that reflect the changing times. Some of these styles are influenced by other cultures and martial arts, such as those from Japan. Wushu has a long history, with evidence showing that it was practiced by the Han Dynasty in China. It’s believed that this sport came about because of the need for people to defend themselves in times when the government was unstable or lacking authority.

World Wushu Championships (WWC)

World Wushu Championships (WWC) is an international sports championship that is hosted by the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). The championship is usually held annually and it is hosted for the sports of wushu taolu and wushu sanda World cup.

Who is Sadia Tariq?

Sadia Tariq is the youngest participant to have competed in the Moscow World Wushu Championship. She won gold in her category and took home two gold medals from the Junior National Wushu championship, in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Her family had been training her since she was 10, but they didn’t realise that she had a hidden talent until she won a silver medal at the Junior Nationals in 2015.

Moscow Wushu Stars championship

The Moscow Wushu Stars championship is an annual international wushu event. Wushu is a traditional martial art form with its roots in China, which has later spread out to the rest of the world. The Moscow Wushu Stars championship, as an international event, has received much acclaim and recognition within the wushu community.

It is an approved event in Annual Calendar Training and Competition of Sports Authority of India.

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