E-Dharti Geo Portal: All You Need to Know

E-Dharti Geo Portal

The e-Dharti Geo Portal was launched by the Union of Housing and Urban affairs minister Shri Hardeep Singh Puri on October 21, 2020. The portal will integrate drawing such as map and lease plans in the Management Information System, making it Geographic Information System (GIS) enabled.

Points covered:

  • E-Dharti Geo Portal Significance
  • What is property certificate?
  • About Geographic information system
  • Swamitva scheme

E-Dharti Geo Portal Significance

  • The Land & Development Office of Central government deals with over 50 thousand commercial, residential, institutional and industrial properties. With the launch of e-Dharti Geo portal, outline map of the property and property certificate details can be accessed with ease.
  • e-Dharti Geo portal is very beneficial for elderly people. The portal will help avoid unnecessary litigations.
  • The portal will also help a purchaser in knowing more about the details of the property. They can know of any lawsuits which are pending in respect of the property.

What is Property Certificate?

  • Property Certificate is normally created during the property purchase. 
  • The certificate provides information about the property to both the parties, lessee and purchaser.
  • This information about the property certificate can be accessed by paying a trivial fee of a thousand rupees.

About Geographic Information System

  • The Geographic information system is a computerized system for capturing, storing, managing data related to the position of the Earth.
  • It gives the ability to capture and analyze geographic and spatial data.
  • The Geographic information system shows various details of data such as buildings streets and vegetation.

Central Government of India has been taking various measures to map the land area across the country.

Swamitva Scheme

  • On 24th April 2020, Swamitva scheme National Panchayati Raj Day was launched by PM Modi. Under This Scheme, GoI aims to conduct survey of villages and their mapping with improvised technology.
  • Swamitva scheme uses the latest technologies like drones for measuring the inhabited lands in rural areas and villages. The drones will give data to create digital maps of properties in each Indian village.
  • Based on the data collected, property owners will be provided with property cards.
  • In October 2020, the First property cards were distributed by PM Modi under the Svamitva Scheme. The cards were distributed to the villages in the states of Karnataka, Haryana, Uttarakhand, MP, UP and Maharashtra.

Final Words

The Ministry of Union Housing and Urban Affairs issued in a statement that
the land & development office (L&DO) developed a property certificate combining details and property’s outline map which is available on the online portal.

The statement stated that the property certificate to be offered includes property details such as property type, land type, property status, date of allotment, plot-area, sub-type, date of execution of lease deed, present lease details, litigation status and property address among others.

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