Delhi’s Health Information Management System (HIMS) Project

Health Information Management System (HIMS)

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There is a saying “Health is Wealth” and it states true till date. Even the coronavirus pandemic has raised the need for keeping up your health and justifies the need for Health Information Management System (HIMS). Here in this blog, we will discuss Delhi government’s HIMS project. Let’s get started.

Health Information Management System (HIMS)

Delhi government is ready to implement the Health Information Management System (HIMS) for health infrastructure upgrade. Under this plan, all the hospitals in Delhi will be consolidated under one platform. After the approval of the Cabinet, the contract for the system has been awarded to NEC Corporation India Private Limited and the budget has also been approved for the same project.

eHealth Cards

Delhi government will conduct citywide surveys to ensure electronic health cards are made available to all citizens as part of the state’s ambitious health information management system (HIMS). These cards, which will be prepared in hospitals and other specialized centers, and will be distributed through a door-to-door campaign. The eHealth card will contain all of the medical history of the card holder, allowing a person to receive treatment at any hospital on HIMS. You do not need to have medical reports and documents with you if you have a eHealth card.

The Delhi government is trying to implement HIMS in all public hospitals in Delhi as soon as possible with an aim to gradually link the Private hospitals to it. All services related to patient care, such as hospital management, budgeting and planning, supply chain management, end-to-end services and processes, will be integrated into this system. Health insurance cards issued through this system and can be accessed online. This will help the people of Delhi to get all information under one roof and help immediately in case of emergency.

Data Accessed?

The eHealth Card will be a unique health identifier for each individual living in Delhi, through which everything from a patient’s medical history to the date of the appointment will be accessible.

The Health Card is issued to?

  • As per the HIMS, the health card to citizens age group 1 to 18 years will be linked to their parent’s health card.
  • For new born aged up to 1 year will be linked to the health card of their mother.

What Delhi Chief Minister Says?

About HIMS, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has stated that “All the hospitals of Delhi are being connected to the Health Information Management System. All the medical services will be brought under one platform, through the HIMS portal. It will help us know how many beds are vacant in a hospital, the status of medicine stocks and staffs, number of ventilators and any other information about the medical infrastructure. One wouldn’t need to stand in queues in hospitals any more. You will be able to get appointments on the phone itself and go as per your convenience.”

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