CSIR Jigyasa Programme: A Virtual Reality laboratory

CSIR Jigyasa Programme

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CSIR Jigyasa Program is an initiative of Indian Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for teaching science. The programme is very successful in communicating science easily to masses through Virtual Reality Lab outreach programmes on different subjects. CSIR has already initiated many virtual modular labs, where school students can experience live atom – molecule interactions, investigate cloud-mobility interactions or study satellite movements.

What is CSIR Jigyasa Programme?

CSIR Jigyasa Programme is intended to groom the professionals of the future. A government organization, this program is designed to create practical laboratory work opportunities for young people across India. It offers virtual reality laboratory facilities which helps the professionals visualize practical applications of physics by conducting experiments in their own laboratories. However, some critics believe that the program is unsuitable because it follows theoretical lessons over practical ones and hence students result unable to fabricate experiments on their own after graduation.

Uses of virtual reality in education

The Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, established in 1942, is the first research institute dedicated to science education with state-of-the-art facilities. The CSIR Jigyasa Programme is an initiative by the institute with support from Simerg Reality Pvt. Ltd. Simerg Reality has designed various modules to be used as virtual reality (VR)learning experiences such as’Mumbai Film City’, ‘Science Songs for Kids’,’Universal Suitcase’,’What if Dinosaurs were Alive ?’,’ Microbiology Lab’,’Robotics Lab,’ Medicine Lab’. The programme’s purpose is to connect rural students to cutting edge technologies and higher level education opportunities through immersive virtual experience.

CSC Virtual Science Lab

CSIR Jigyasa Programme: A Virtual Reality Laboratory was set up by CSO Cell at IIT, Madras and the Indian Institute of Information Technology in Allahabad to enable children in remote and underserved areas to fully participate in Environmental and Energy programs and projects run by these Institutions through the use of Virtual Reality headset. Heavily equipped with cameras and video recorders, this lab aims at bringing child interested in technology closer to their interests.


Developing Virtual Reality lab will be one of the most needed applications in educational institute for imparting hands-on training on latest technologies to students. In conclusion, we can say that VR lab by CSIR is a great initiative which will grab the future in coming years and will be very significant in universities and different research laboratories around the world.

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