Five Physics Careers That You Don’t Know

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Looking for a career in physics, you have various career options to pick. Physics is an exciting and oldest element of science. If we talk about a career in physics, then opportunities are endless. The subject is a significant part of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). You will be surprised to know that physicists are in-demand in every sector, from research and development to gaming and transport. Physics careers ensure you a stable job with continuous learning opportunities.

Physics is an eternal part of our lives, and it is also involved in the development of new technology, infrastructure, robotics, space exploration, and more. Without physicists, the modern world could not be possible. Most of the discoveries of the 20th century could not be possible without physics. It played a vital role in the big bang theory, splitting of the atom, and quantum theory. It’s such an important subject, so a career in physics always has something suitable for aspirants. There is a general assumption that teaching is the only job for physics graduates. But the fact is teaching is one of the readily available jobs after graduation in physics. There are various other physics careers available for the physics students after UG and PG. Let’s explore not so popular but successful options for physics careers;

Physics Careers that you don’t know

Physics is a complex subject, and to pursue a career in it, one must have a solid head to understand all its concepts. A few typical jobs are connected with every subject, and physics is not an exception, but we have some exciting options for you if you want to know about some different physics careers. Read the article to know the perfect physics jobs for you;

Physics Careers Options 

You can get success in physics only if you love this subject. Without interest, it became tough to have a career in any field, and the complexity of physics made it more difficult. So first, be sure that you love physics and are curious to know more about it. The second thing you will have to keep in mind before picking any job in physics is your preference. In physics, you can go for theory based education or study of physics based on research. The subject has many disciplines like electromagnetism, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, and many others. You can choose any one of them based on your interest in UG or higher education. Physics career is based on the choice of your subjects. One common profession that any physics student can pick is teaching, but we will talk about some un-usual but successful physics career options. So, let us go ahead and find about some high-paying and exciting physics jobs;

Physics careers in Space and Astronomy

Are you curious about space and astronomy? If yes, then your physics degree will help you to know more about it. Your interest in physics can make you an astronaut, and you will love it. It’s a career option with a challenging role, excellent perks, and opportunities to know the unknown secrets. Space travelling is just a part of the job; a physicist is required at various stages of work in space and astronomy.

In satellites design, physicists have to play an essential role in selecting the right design for the most suitable material. In all the physics jobs, this one is super challenging. To join as space organization, the aspirant must have a UG degree in the subject. With the help of an undergraduate degree, you can get the trainee’s job. However, the employing company demands a master’s degree or higher education in physics. In this profession, various jobs are available in India and abroad.

Physics careers in technology

The technology sector has been a constant job provider for physics graduates. Most of the students think that the technology sector runs on the shoulders of IT guys, but they don’t know that physics students also play an essential role in the growth of the IT industry. Physics students have colossal scope in the IT industry to develop new ideas and technology. The IT sector has a vast scope of growth, so that you can go for it for physics jobs. The technology sector is more interested in picking the physics research and development guys from different backgrounds, such as nanotechnology and robotics. Big companies like Samsung, Siemens, and many are always searching for physics graduates with innovative ideas and a firm grip on them.

Talented physics researchers are welcomed in government and private sectors technology companies. Innovative physicists have the option to work anywhere in the world on a very high package.

Geophysics and meteorology careers

Physics graduates are also suitable for jobs in geophysics and environmental science. Physics teaches them a lot about the earth’s movement and its functions to understand the concept of environmental activities and point out any changes. So next time you come to know about the prediction of any natural disaster, you know that a team of physicists has brought this information from the critical data of earth movement or change in environment.

Meteorologists do the daily weather forecasting, and to be one, you must have done UG or PG with physics. So, despite a problematic subject, physics opens the door for various career options. Needless to say that the demand for intelligent professionals in geophysics and meteorology is high, and they also get handsome salaries and other benefits.

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Suppose you have studied bio and physics both in 10+2 and you love both of the subjects. In that case, biophysicist is a perfect career option for you as you know that CBSE and most of the states’ education boards give a choice to the science students to choose either Physics, Chemistry, and Maths or Physics, Chemistry and Bio. The students that pick the last option of PCB can choose a career as biochemistry or biophysicists.

Biophysicists and biochemists study living creatures to know the effects of physics principles in their biological and natural processes. They are to keep an eye on the cell growth and development of living things. The work of Biochemists and Biophysicists is more related to research, and they play an essential role in the invention of new medicines. The demand for professionals in this will be high in the coming time, so if you are a physics guy, it can be a good career choice for you.


When we are talking about physics careers, we cannot forget engineering. It’s a sin not to talk about this profession for physicists. Engineering has been an ideal profession for physics lovers. In the manufacturing industry, the demand for physics degree holders is constant, and its likely to increase only. Industries like telecommunication, defense, transport, energy, and many others hire physics graduates to improve their efficiency as per the rules of physics.

Last Note

After getting to know about these five unusual and different physics careers, now you know that physics opens the doors for many exciting career options. We start working after completing education to earn name and fame, and physics jobs offer you both. A physics degree is in demand in all sectors, from science and innovation to media and entertainment. If none of the mentioned career options appeals to you, you also go for architecture or teaching. Patent law and forensic science are also potential career options for physics students. So, if you are interested in physics, go for it.


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