Common Questions Asked in SBI PO Interview

SBI Interview

SBI Interview tips  are essential for the SBI PO aspirants. The interview is the third stage of the SBI PO recruitment. After clearing the SBI PO Prelim and SBI PO Mains exam candidates face SBI PO Interview.

In this post, we have mentioned the most asked SBI interview questions along with interview tips. The questions discussed can also be considered as common questions asked in banking interviews.

SBI PO Interview Questions

The SBI PO interview questions can be divided into four parts; Personal Questions, Career related Questions, General Questions and Financial Awareness.

Personal Questions

In Personal Questions, you will have to tell the interview panel about yourself, your strengths and weakness and your hobbies etc. Next question in the SBI Interview can be related to your hobby; suppose you love travelling then the interviewer may ask you where have you travelled and further he may ask you questions related to that place.

Interview tips for SBI PO for personal Questions

You can expect some unusual questions in SBI PO round. Here is a few of them.

  • Why didn’t you choose another main subject (Maths or Bio) in 10+2? Are you scare of it?
  • Why should we select you? What qualities do you have that can help you in this job which others don’t have?
  • What types of books do you prefer to read? Who is your favourite writer? Name the recent book you read? (If you mention reading is your hobby)
  • What do you think why the government of Andaman Nicobar couldn’t bring the tribes into mainstream society? (If your hobby is travelling)
  • What newspaper do you read? What is today’s headline?

Career-related Questions

Career-related questions can be based on your previous or present working experience and your future plan for the job. By asking this type of questions the interview panel checks your ambitions about the banking job.

Interview tips for SBI PO for career-related Questions

  • The most common career-related Question asked in SBI PO Interview is ‘Why you want to join SBI?’ we suggest you answer this question with honesty. Instead of praising the bank tell the interviewer how this job is important for your career and why SBI PO is different than your present job.
  • If you get appointed as PO and the clerk is of higher qualification than you, how would you cope with his ego and how will you extract work from him?
  • After gaining a degree in engineering why you want to join the banking sector now?

General Question

In General Question the interviewer can ask you any random question, for example, India’s freedom movement or anything. Most of the questions asked in this category are to check the pressure handling ability of candidates.

Interview tips for SBI PO for General questions

You need to be aware of all the latest news.

Financial awareness

Financial awareness is a must for a banking aspirant. Any question related to new or some old banking policies can be asked. Here are some most asked questions related to financial awareness in SBI PO interview.

Interview tips for SBI PO for Financial awareness

  • What is Repo rate and Reverse Repo rate?
  • What is the difference between Simple Interest and Compound Interest and which is used in which types of accounts?
  • What is retail lending?
  • What are NPAs and CIBIL?
  • What is disinvestment? What is the objective of it?
  • Name a few banks from the public sector and which banks are in profit and which are in a loss?
  • What is the interest rate on savings account in nationalized banks?
  • What are NABARD and its functions?

The final suggestion for SBI PO Interview

There is no syllabus for SBI PO interview. To get success in this stage of SBI PO exam all you need to do is to be aware of all the small and big details related to Banks and its policies and be honest about your hobbies. If your hobby is to listen to music then don’t pretend that you love to read books. Just be honest, be confident about what you say.

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