Tipu Sultan – Life and History


Tipu Sultan, popularly known as Tiger of Mysore was one of the most powerful rulers India ever had. His full name was Sultan Fateh Ali Khan Tipu, born and brought up with a keen interest in politics and military from his father. His mother Fatima Fakhr Un Nisa and father Hyder Ali named their child as Fateh Ali, however, his bravery and influential deeds gained him various names.

He fetched name as Tipu after a village saint, Tipu Mastan Aulia. It is said that one day Tipu Sultan went for hunting with his French friend. They saw a tiger coming towards them and got face to face with the tiger. The gun of Tipu Sultan did not work and his dagger also fell down. Therefore, when the tiger jumped on the Sultan, he fought with the tiger with his hands and picked up the dagger, killed him. This gave him the title of “Tiger of Mysore”.

Tipu Sultan’s major goal was to destroy the Hindu temples in Malabar and establish a complete Islamic region. After his death, it is said that the Britisher had captured his swords and ironically, the ring of his sword read “Ram”, although he was said to have hated Hindu religion very much. His swords are now kept in the museums for display, which was later bought by Vijay Mallya at an auction in 2004.

During his reign, his administration and people were benefitted with various technological and administrative upliftments. The introduction of new currency, new coin denominations, and lunisolar calendar, land revenue system, which helped in improving the Mysore silk industry and made Mysore stand as one of the leading and powerful economic city.

Tipu Sultan has fought various fought against the Marathas and the British East India Company. As mentioned earlier, he was very much attracted with the technology and therefore, brought various such developments as well. His army was known to be the pioneer of the rocket artillery. It is said that during his fight with the British East India company, he expanded the use of rockets. His army was employed with 5,000 rocketeers at a go. When his army launched rockets to the British army, it is believed that the technology with which his rockets were made were more advanced than the Britishers had ever seen. His main ambition was to establish himself as the Padishah of India by defeating the Britishers.

Tipu Sultan, today is remembered, as he had saved Deccan from the hands of the Britishers for a long period of time. Tipu Sultan was a historic hero in India, though was known to have saved India from several British attacks.



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