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When we think about UPSC Civil Services Exam, the first thing comes in mind is a bunch of books on the study table and the head is in a book. There is no doubt about this fact that Civil Services exam is one of the difficult exams and civil services exam preparation 2019 want all your .

If I will say that success depends on the preparation then you will be agree with me. But the aspirants of civil services exam have many doubts about their preparation strategy. In this article, I have tried to give you an idea about the preparation strategy for civil services exam preparation 2019.

Preparation Strategy for Civil Services Exam Preparation 2019

To get success in an exam it is must to have the basic information about the exam. An aspirant should know about the date, pattern, and syllabus of the exam.  To get the information about the UPSC 2019 syllabus and exam pattern.

To get the success in civil services exam instead of being bookworm you need to plan your studies well. No exam preparation need only the bookish knowledge of candidates, a candidate needs to be proactive and smart to get the success in an exam like UPSC. So here we will give you some tips to plan a strategy for civil services exam preparation 2019.

· Know the Syllabus

The syllabus of UPSC Civil Services Exam is vast. The first step to start your civil services exam preparation 2019 is to have the deep knowledge about UPSC syllabus 2019. So first we will tell you about the syllabus for UPSC Prelims.

UPSC syllabus 2019 for preliminary examination: The UPSC prelim examination is just a screen test for the aspirants of Civil Services and marks obtained in this exam are only the gateway for the mains exam but still, the importance of prelim exam is not less than the mains one.

UPSC syllabus 2019 for prelim includes two papers. Paper-I is about the general studies and Paper-II is about the Aptitude test.  The syllabus of General studies exam includes current event, Indian History, Indian national movements, Indian Polity and Governance, Economic and social development in India etc.

The UPSC syllabus 2019 for Paper-II includes Decision-making and problem solving, Basic numeracy, Data interpretation (difficulty level-class X), Logical reasoning and analytical ability, General mental ability and Comprehension etc.

· Preparation Tactics

Most of the candidates get confused on how to start the preparation of UPCS exam. You cannot just pick a book are start mugging it up to get success in this exam. The first suggestion I will give you about the civil services exam preparation 2019 is to start the preparation for mains and prelim exam together.

You can divide the preparation time into two phases; dedicate the first phase of exam preparation to mains exam and second phase to prelim exam preparation.

· Have a Grip on Basic

To have a strong building it is must to have a stronger base. Accordingly, you too need to have a strong base to get success in UPSC Exam. For a stronger base for your civil services exam preparation 2019 read NCERT books.  India and The Contemporary World-1,2, Indian Constitution At Work, Social Change and Development in India etc are just a few books that can help you in your civil services exam preparation 2019.

It is also recommended to make short notes from the study material and have a daily timetable to stick on.

Along with the above-mentioned strategies it is must for the candidates to read newspapers and watch Lok Sabha T.V. channel.

Hope this article will be helpful for you in your civil services exam preparation 2019. If you have any question related to civil services exam 2019, you can write to us in comment box.





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