Is Your Resume Checklist Ready?

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Are you ready for a new job interview? Do you have an updated resume ready to grab the job? Here we have your resume checklist ready! Read on to know.

Your resume is a picture of your personality, skills and abilities. You are judged based on what your resume says about you. Resume is your first impression on an employer. Your resume may can get you job or reduce your chances of getting one. This reflects the importance of making your resume correctly. This resume checklist will help you will keep your resume safe from ending up in piles.

Your Resume Checklist

First Impression

  • Recruiters and employers go through thousands of resume everyday, if your resume is on a general template, it might reach the bin. To catch the attention of the hiring agency, your resume needs to original and unique while following the conservative layout and design.
  • If your resume misses the flow, it might directly go into the trash. No matter what type of resume you prepare be it chronological resume, functional resume, or combination, it must be easy to read and clear to understand.
  • Is your resume is too long or too short? Does it mention your qualification correctly? Your resume must not make you overqualified or less qualified for a job. Make sure it includes a concise yet descriptive summary of your qualifications.


  • An employer should get to know about you at a glance through your resume. Does your resume has the right format and power to present you as the right candidate for a job? Make sure your resume has the right balance of text and white spaces.
  • Include bullet points and short paragraphs to describe your experience and qualification.
  • If you have a wide experience your resume would be long but it should not look crowded. Resume overfilled are likely to turn off hiring agencies.
  • Your resume must not be inconsistent in fonts and styles. A resume with multiple fonts, style and font sizes is not considered an impressive resume, it is rather hard to read. Less is more, so 2 fonts and 2 styles can make your resume good to read.

Writing Style

  • Your resume must not have any grammar or syntax errors or any typos.
  • Make your resume is easier on eye with sequential flow of information.
  • Don’t make use of personal pronouns in the resume.
  • Write your resume in the first-person voice.

Sections of a Resume 

  • Your resume must have sections so recruiter can know where to find the information that they are looking for. Every section should be separated with white space.
  • Keep the very important section on the top. You must show the information first that makes you a suitable candidate for a job. If you are following chronological format, you must keep your employment details in reverse chronological order.
  • If your work history has large gaps, you should follow functional resume format. However the most preferred resume format is chronological.

Career Accomplishments

  • Your resume must include your career accomplishments that make you a best fit for the job that you are applying.
  • Use bullet point or numbers to showcase your accomplishment and related it to your work experience to present yourself in the rightest way.
  • Do not get confused with accomplishments and responsibilities, both are different. Make sure you do not mix them.


  • Do not use same resume for all jobs. Your resume must be tailored to the job your are applying for.
  • Your resume should include a career objective relevant to the position your are applying for also it can have any relevant professional information to support the career objective.
  • Your resume can have action verbs and industry acronyms but do not overuse them. Your resume must show your real value and not come out as an information fluff.

Wrap Up

Your resume show show the real you and your potentials. Some people include irrelevant personal information or fake experience to add value to the resume which directly takes their resume to waste bin. So follow the right format and keep your resume relevant. Good look!

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