Finance Careers That You Don’t Know

finance careers

If you are good in money management and other money matters, you can think of having a career in finance. Finance careers help from individuals to organizations in money management.

There are many careers in Finance field that you might bot know about. Let’s take a look the most common and the least know careers. Let’s get started…

  • Bookkeeper – They are the people responsible for keeping record of financial transactions such as credits and debits into financial records of the company. They are the people responsible for invoice production and managing payroll of businesses.
  • Financial Advisor – Financial advisors are people who advise companies and individuals on financial issues. They provide guidance on estate planning, investment management and more.
  • Actuary – They are people who use mathematics and statistics combined with financial theory, in order to perform organization’s risk assessment.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – They are the people who oversee financial activities of a company and also take care of the cash flow. CFO’s also evaluate the financial conditions of the company, do financial planning to improve the existing condition.
  • Credit Analyst – They are also known as risk analysts. These individuals usually work for brokerage firms or with banks. They are the people responsible for analyzing financial records of businesses to find if the businesses are at a good risk for repaying loans.
  • Economist – They are the people who analyze economic activities to predict economic trends and solve problems. There are not only financial economists but also behavioral economists among others.
  • Loan Officer – Loan officers work with banks or financial organizations like mortgage company. They work with companies and people that are in need of loans, evaluate whether or not the people qualify for loan, and process loan applications.
  • Financial Manager – These are the people who oversee the complete financial activities of a organization. They create reports and statements.
  • Market Research Analyst – Market research analysts study market trends about what people are buying and what will be the buying trends in future. If you love detail work, market research analyst is a perfect job for you.
  • Insurance Agent – They are the people who suggest insurance to clients and provide complete information. They are the one who provide insurance.
  • Insurance Underwriter – They assess risks for people who are looking for insurance. Insurance agents take risk assessment information from insurance underwriters.

Bottom Line

A career in finance is a wonderful choice, all you need is to be sure that this is the field you want to build a career in. We have listed some of the careers in finance that might interest you. Don’t see your best fit career here, talk to a career counsellor to dig deeper.

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