7 Steps You Must Take Before Choosing A Career

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Choosing a career is an important decision so prior to making a choice you must know the education requirements, career scope, training and job opportunities, job responsibilities. You can also consider taking career counselling to find your best fit career. Here today we will discuss 7 steps that will take you to your potential career:

7 Steps To Take Before Making a Career Choice

1. Self Assessment

Every induvial is different and has different talent, values, likings, interests and goals. That means not everyone can excel in same career, each individual should choose a career based after assessing themselves. To find the career that is best for you do self-evaluation, taking career assessment and career counselling.

2. List Out the Most Liked Careers

The self-assessment will help you know what you choices are, what careers you are interested in. Make a list of careers and shortlist the best 10 or best 5 for you. That is where you can start you career search or take career help, the long the list, the more confused you will be. So make a list of 5-10 careers you are interested in and explore every aspect of your likings and interests. Look for jobs that interest you, also to get answers to your career confusions take help of career counselling.

3. Explore the Options 

Explore the careers that you have listed out of the big list. Find out the education requirements, job opportunities, job responsibilities, salaries offered, promotions and future scope. Internet is one of the source to get the information, but taking help of a career expert will make it much more easy. Take career advise to know about the different aspects of the careers and how to make a successful career plan.

Explore as much as you can before making a choice.

4. Eliminate The Careers That No Longer Interest You

From the top and potential career list, cut out the careers that you are no longer interested in. You do that after seeing the education requirements, types of jobs, salaries and promotion etc. Doing this you will be left with 1-2 careers and you need to make a choice between them.

You can again take help of a career expert to make a final choice.

5. Set Realistic Goals 

Once you know your perfect career, it’s time to set some realistic goals for life. Plan your short-term and long-term goals and work for them. Never set goals that are not realistic. Be flexible when you set goals and keep achievable timelines for your set goals. You have your goals, you need a plan to achieve them. Let’s know how you will make a plan.

6. Designing a Career Plan

Career plan is your career action plan where you define steps to achieve the goals. It also includes the obstacles that might come your way and how you will overcome them to reach the goals. It’s hard to reach your target without a proper action plan. So invest time in planning and than take an action.

7. Get Career Training 

Take all the required training before entering the career such as vocational training, internships or apprentice. Training makes you work ready and shows your the realities of the working environment. Trainings are important to understand how the industry works and what duties and responsibilities come along the career.

Briefing Up

Following these 7 steps will help you find your perfect career. You must do all the research and gain knowledge about the careers that interest you. You can also talk to a career counsellor to find the best career and know details about it.

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