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Well, needless to say that whenever we hear someone talking about a career in architecture and construction industry, we develop a common image of people frolicking and sitting around in tea breaks, laying bricks while chewing gums and getting a suntan while working out there. However, in reality, our notions are way off the mark.

Architects and builders are the ones who plan, design, implement and construct buildings, thereby paving the way for human civilization. While we constantly boast about the decent infrastructure facilities that we have, we often forget the hard work of these people who have slogged their hours building and constructing them, without whom our lives wouldn’t have been same. Without the diligent and persistent work of these architects, builders and constructors, we would have nowhere to live, nowhere to work, nowhere to watch sporting or music events, and no bridges to cross. Thus, it is rightly said that Architecture and Construction industry forms one of the strongest pillar of development and nation building. This is the reason why, Architecture and Construction industry is in a flourishing state and architecture and construction careers lures and attracts young minds. While the industry might seem lucrative enough, there might be various queries about the discipline which is why we are here.

Key highlights of the blog are :-

  • Architecture and Construction : As A Career
  • Career Paths in Architecture and Construction : Types Of Jobs For Students
  • How To Get Started? : Career Counselling The Building Blocks
  • The Bottom Line

Architecture and Construction : As A Career

  • With everyone focusing on new, advanced and developed infrastructure and the aging infrastructure needing restoration, the field of architecture and construction provides numerous career opportunities and thus architecture and construction in general and architects and constructors in particular have a huge scope.
  • Despite being full of challenges, the field of architecture and construction provides individuals an opportunity to perform various roles, enhance their skills in planning, designing, constructing and developing buildings and to work together as a team in an unconventional working environment.
  • On top of it, the field also provides immense satisfaction to the employees on successful completion of a project.
  • Driven by all these forces, youths today seek a career in construction industry and consider architecture and construction as one of the most sought after career options.

Career Paths In Architecture and Construction : Types Of Jobs For Students

  • Today, with more and more new projects coming up, the demand for skilled and unskilled people who can think, plan, design, construct and build these fascinating and high value infrastructures while working as a team is also growing.
  • This is the reason why, Architecture and Construction has a huge scope and the career opportunities in this field is high both in India and abroad and thus seeking a career in construction industry is the wisest choice that individuals who have the zeal and interest to work for the development of the nation and pave the way for human civilization can make.

 Following are the types of jobs available to students in this field :-


Architects are the skilled and qualified individuals who use their creativity to think, plan and design the structure of buildings, including residential buildings, office buildings, and other properties.

Architectural and Civil Drafters

Architectural and Civil Drafters are also the skilled professionals who use their analytical skills and create computerized drawings of building features to support architectural projects. These computerized drawings also come handy while convincing and obtaining permission from the authorities by providing an instant insight of the project in the future.

Brick Masons and Block Masons

Brick Masons and Block Masons belong to the group of unskilled labor who build and repair walls and similar surfaces, made out of brick.

Brick Mason and Stone Mason Helpers

These helpers also belong to the group of unskilled labor and they help brick masons, stone masons or block masons and perform similar duties in their absence.

Carpenters and Carpenter Helpers

Carpenters and Carpenter Helpers belong to the group of semi skilled labor and use their skill to perform basic carpentry duties such as constructing, installing and repairing fixtures made of wood.

Carpet Installers

Carpet Installers also belong to the group of semi skilled labor who use their technical skills to operate machines and tools to ensure that carpets are installed properly.

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering are highly skilled and qualified personnel’s who perform engineering duties and play a crucial role in the planning and designing phase of a construction project.

Commercial Divers

Commercial Divers are highly trained professionals who work below the surface of water to either repair existing equipment or to install a new one.

Weatherization Technicians

Weatherization Technicians are highly skilled and qualified individuals who perform a variety of tasks to make sure that homes are more energy efficient.

Paving Equipment Operators

Paving Equipment Operators are the semi skilled workers who use their technical skills to operate machines and equipment’s which are used to apply concrete or similar materials such as asphalt on roads.

Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steam Fitters

Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steam Fitters are also semi skilled workers who work with pipelines and use their skills to ensure that they work properly and carry water, air or other liquids and gases.

Solar Thermal Technicians

Solar Thermal Technicians are skilled workers who use their technical skills to either install solar systems or repair them as they are designed to collect solar-heated water.


Supervisors are highly skilled, qualified and trained professionals who do not work directly, but use their knowledge and supervise the activities of extraction, construction, landscaping and grounds keeping workers to ensure that the work proceeds as per plan.

Apart from these, there exists numerous other career opportunities as well in the field of architecture and construction. But, a large section of students remain unaware about such opportunities and thus miss out on such openings. This is the reason why, proper career guidance is important for the students.

How To Get Started ? : Career Counselling The Building Blocks

  • By this point, we believe that you already have started seeing yourself probably 5-7 years down the line in the field of architecture and construction, but are you still confused about how to start from level 0. Well, don’t worry much. All you need to do is take one step at a time.
  • For the time being, just focus on getting good grades in your class 12th board exams. Additionally, you can also read newspapers and watch documentaries on building and construction. This would not only help you keep pace with something that you see your future in but will also help you develop an idea of the field/domain. On top of it, you can also take help from study materials and start preparing for various entrance exams as a good score would earn you a seat in a reputed college/university and would provide more opportunities, thereby taking you closer to your dream.
  • Next , communicate and interact with like minded people who are as much interested in this domain as you are. Talk to them and try to acquaint yourself from their perspective and you will find yourself more equipped with knowledge and skills that you will probably need in this journey. And if this doesn’t work out for you, attend a career counselling session.
  • Most of these sessions are conducted online and include one to one interaction and trust me you won’t regret your decision. A career counselling session will not only add to your knowledge in this field but will also include activities to understand stuffs from your perspective and will provide you the right career guidance that will eventually prove helpful to you.
  • Additionally you can also interact with your teachers, read magazines and watch videos through which you will learn more and more every day. Finally, after having a degree and becoming a graduate you will find openings both via online and offline mode.
  • While going through offline mode, specialized job agencies can be excellent resources for both architecture and construction job opportunities and career advice as well.
  • Also, maintaining regular contact with your college or university alumnae could help you get in touch with industry.

The Bottom Line

Wrapping it up, all I would say is architecture and construction jobs are highly significant and includes humongous responsibilities as well and you will require all your knowledge, all your skill, all your persistence and willingness to plan, design, construct and build fascinating buildings and infrastructures that add to the development of the nation and pave the way for human civilization.  Just go with the flow, keep learning different skills, keep enhancing them and that’s the way how you will earn your name and place in this industry.

This is all from our side . We hope that this blog was insightful and would have helped to take a small yet important step towards pursuing your career in architecture and construction. In case you have a doubt, please let us know in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help. We wish you a great career ahead !

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