How to Revamp Your Resume for 2019

Revamp Resume for the year 2019

Getting stuck in an unhappy job is something that none likes. When you plan to change your job, the first thing you should do is, update your resume beyond the changes in dates.

As you already know that your resume is your personal marketing toolbox so it has to get the paramount attention of yours. With every year, resume trend change, so update your resume according to the latest trends.

To get a new job in a new company, you would need to revamp your resume. As with an old marketing strategy you cannot win new customers so with an old resume it’s hard to get a new job.

In India, a new financial year starts in April and it is a peak time for job hunting. In today’s competitive time you need to tweak your resume according to today’s need. Read on to know how you can do it.

Amend Your Career Objective

The traditional, old and boring career objective is yesterday’s talk. In today’s time when a recruiter has just a few seconds to select or reject your resume, why not to replace the objective with a summary of your career and give a glimpse of your achievement and career ambitions here.

Header is Important

Earlier the job seekers used to put their name in huge fonts on the header of the resume but now this trend of highlighting the name has been changed. Name in too large font and contact details in small fonts is an old school story. New job seekers need to use the header of their resume to mention the contact details with Name in a not so big font. Your Name should be larger than your address and contact details but a huge difference in both of the essential information spoils the look of your resume.

Format of Resume

Most of the applicants apply for a job through e-mail so the format of the resume should be user-friendly. You can skip the formatting part of the resume at the second place and the readability of the resume should be the utmost priority of yours. We would suggest you send your resume in MS Word format (.docx) as MS office is the most commonly used software and installed in 99% of the computers.

Career Summary

Career Summary is an important part of the resume. In this segment, the job seekers showcase their growth chart. To revamp your resume you can use this important part of your resume innovatively. While upgrading your old resume to take up new challenges give a high-level overview of your role to show to the recruiter that how you fit into the organization and what the overall goal of your role is.  1-3 lines should be enough for this segment before describing your career history.

Experience and Employment History

While writing about your employment history you need to be descriptive and keep in mind to not make your resume lengthy. You can achieve the goal of keeping your resume short yet descriptive by talking more about your recent job responsibilities and less about the previous ones. If possible, try to add some impressive achievements that you’ve made that have or had a big impact on your present or previous employer or a customer. Mention your key responsibilities only and avoid showing off about all the small work you do. Highlight this part of your resume with strong verbs.

Remove Old Content

For revamping your resume it is must sweep out the old and not relevant information from your resume. Suppose you have worked as a cashier for a few months in the earlier phase of your career then no need to show it in your resume after gaining 3 years of experience. When you reach the benchmark of 10 years of experience then no need to describe your roles and responsibility in the first 2 companies, just mention their name and your designation there.

Winding It Up

Writing a resume is an essential part of job search and trust us, it’s not easy. In this post, we have comprised all the important point that you should keep in mind while revamping your resume for 2019. There is no need to rewrite your resume to get new opportunities in your career you can make the right first impression with the aforementioned minor tweaks. 

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