Indian Resume Format Guide For 2019

Resume Format 2019

New Year brings new goals with it. We decide something new for the coming year. Like few of us may have thought of joining a gym or developing their hobbies.  In this order, many of us must have thought about changing our jobs as well. When you plan to look for a new job then the first thing comes in mind is to update your resume.  Your resume reflects all your achievements in a nutshell, so it has to be impressive, detailed but not lengthy and boring.

Usually, people prefer to do editing in their existing resume to keep it updated but at some point in time, you badly need to redo your resume. In this post, we will give you some tips to revamp or to create a fresh resume for you in a suitable format.

So let’s find out the most suitable resume format 2019.

Resume Format Guide 2019

Many recruiters accept that they pay more attention to the resumes which highlight the candidate’s skills and experience. So if you want to highlight your resume in the bunch of many resumes then all you need to do is to choose the right format for it.

The resumes are created mainly in 3 formats. The 3 main resumes format are; Chronological, Functional and Combined. In this post, we will tell you about the pros and cons of all resume formats and suggest you what type of resume will be most suitable for you.  

·  Chronological Resume Format

The chronological resume format is the simplest resume format. It is one of the most classic formats of resume writing. Usually, non-experienced candidates create their resume in this format. its so popular format for resumes that resumes created in chronological style is available worldwide. In this format, job seekers simply create a list of their achievements and experiences.  The order of resume in content is as follows in chronological resume format;

  • Objective Statement or Summary Statement
  • Experience/Qualifications
  • Education

The Pros of Chronological Resume Format

You can highlight your work experience in this resume format. This format of resume shows your career graph easily. It makes easy for the recruiter to know about your present and past work responsibilities. As the chronological resume format is a common format so recruiters are habitual to it and they can understand it easily.  It’s a perfect resume if you are applying for a senior position.

The Cons of Chronological Resume Format

The chronological is a common resume format. If you are a graphics designer or related to some creative profession then this type of format is not for you. And if you have some gaps in your career then the chronological format of the resume is a big ‘NO’ for you because it highlights your work gaps. Fresher candidates should also avoid this format.

· Functional Resume Format

The functional resume format highlights your skills. In this format, the focal point is your achievements instead of experience. The best part of this format that it smartly hides the lack of experience of the candidates. The order of the content in this resume format is as follows;

  • Objective Statement or Summary Statement
  • Achievements/Accomplishments
  • Experience/Qualifications
  • Education

  The Pros of Functional Resume Format

If you are a frequent job changer, then its a perfect resume for you. In case of lack of experience but having all the qualifications, this format helps the job applicants. In this format, you don’t make a list of your work experience, so it hides your work gap and make a good impression on the recruiter.

  The Cons of Functional Resume Format

The functional resume format is ideal for those job applicants who have a gap in career or who have switched many companies, so recruiter finds this format a bit fishy. This type of resume format doesn’t showcase your career path as easily as the chronological resume format does.

· Combined Resume Format

As the name suggests, the combined resume format is the combination of both types of resume formats; chronological resume format and functional resume format. This format gives equal importance to your work experience and skills. When you organizing your resume in this format, keep the following categories in this order:

  • Objective Statement or Summary Statement
  • Achievements/Accomplishments
  • Experience/Qualifications
  • Education

The Pros of Combined Resume Format

This is the most suitable resume format for those who belong to or want to join a creative job. This format helps those job seekers who are making a career change to a field unrelated to their work experience. It highlights your experience and your career path both.

The Cons of Combined Resume Format

You should choose this format if you have sufficient skills else this will give an incomplete look to your resume.  This format also demands careful planning to avoid overlap or repeating information across the work experience and skills sections.

The Best Resume Format Guide

When you chose the perfect format for you, keep your experience in mind. We have mentioned the Pros and Cons of all types of resume formats here, read them carefully and then design your resume.

The Bottom Line

They say the first impression is the last impression and your resume is actually the first impression of yours on the recruiter. So you need to be very careful while creating it. While creating your resume keep one thing always in mind, your resume is not your biography so don’t try to write everything in it.

For any other assistance related to this or any other topic, feel free to write to us in the comment box below. 

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