How to Overcome Lack of Context in Your Resume


A common challenge that most of the job seekers face in the initial days of their career is the lack of context in their resume. Even if they have earned some experience then also it’s not easy for them to navigate their career path in their own perception. All of their knowledge and qualification are being measured in terms of the experience they have.  

It’s a catch 22 situation when you are expected to be experienced to start your career. No matter if you walk some extra miles in your education to stand out of the crowd, if you didn’t gain any experience till now then your search for a job is going to be tough. 

As we all know that resume is the only connection between you and the hiring team. So make your resume impressive so that you can get a job in the first go.

So without much ado, let’s know how you can overcome the lack of text in your resume.

· The Right Format

Don’t have enough work experience to show in your resume? Then choose the format for your resume very wisely.  Do not pick Chronological resume format as its a common format and you need lots of content to impress the recruiter in this format.

The right format for you will be combined resume format. This resume format highlights your creativity and it shows your achievements more clearly.

· Show Your Wow Factor

When you don’t have sufficient context for your resume then instead of being disappointed take this situation as an opportunity to show your wow factor to the employer. Mention about the extra curriculum activities and awards & achievements that you have received so far.

Show your qualities in a way that the employer should feel you are the person to be hired.  You should quantify your achievements to impress the hiring manager.

· Research

Read the Job Description (JD) carefully and ask yourself if you can fulfill the employers’ expectation. Prepare your resume based on the JD. If you don’t have relevant experience then show your key skills similar to the required skills.

As you are less on experience, so your only tool to impress the hiring team is your resume.

· Do Something

Employers like those job seekers who keep working on something even if it’s not directly related to the job. This something can be blogging, working with an NGO, consulting etc. The experience you will earn from these non-traditional jobs will help you to get hired easily.

You can mention your not relevant work experience when you try for the job after completion of your college.

· Professional Profile

As a fresher when you don’t have much to show to the hiring team then you can show your goals in accordance with the job’s objectives, your enthusiasm, and dedication to impress the recruiter. But this should also reflect in your personality.

Do mention about the situation where you lead your team either in some project making or in-game to impress the recruiter.

· Use Keyword

Not your resume but the right keyword creates the magic for you. Recruiters search for the right resume with the help of keyword. If you have done ITI in Mechanical but didn’t mention ‘Mechanical’ in your resume, then it will not show up to the recruiter that you are fit for the job.  

When you gain some experience then it becomes easy to put keywords in the resume but as a fresher its a challenge.  Mentioning the word “fresher” in your resume will be a suicidal step. Instead of mentioning ‘fresher’ write ‘looking forward to gaining some experience’ in your resume.

The Bottom Line

You can easily overcome the lack of context if you will work on details of the requirement. Try to grab the knowledge of the industry in which you are seeking a job. When an opportunity speaks to you, do not consider yourself as ‘not eligible’. Give a try, even if you get rejected in some interview then also you gain some experience of personal interview handling.

If you are still curious to know how to overcome the lack of context in your resume then write your query in the comment section, we will answer.

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