How to Write a Job Winning Resume Being a Fresher


Every college pass out needs a job to start their career but not all the companies want to give break to a non-experienced candidate. It’s an irony but reality. The fresh college pass outs usually don’t have any experience to show in the resume but still, they can impress the employers at first with their resume.

 In order to create a job-winning resume a job seeker has to take care of many things; the grammar, layout, and achievements and in the last category, they don’t have much to show. Though it hurts that you don’t have something big to mention in the resume but the good point is everyone has to go through this situation.

So if you have been wondering how to make a resume without having any experience then this article will guide in this reference. To help you better we have also attached a few resumes as sample resume formats.  So let’s know about the tricks to writing a resume for fresher job seekers.

How to Write a Job Winning Resume for Fresher

Writing a resume is complicated and it becomes more crucial when you are a fresher and you don’t have much to show to the employer. In this article, we will focus on the common issues with fresher’s resume, interviewers’ expectations from a resume and resume structure. So, let’s begin;

The Common Issues with Fresher’s Resume

  • When a company releases one job opening on online job portal then if not thousands but hundreds of job seekers apply for it and the recruiter doesn’t spend more than 6-7 seconds on a resume. So if your resume is not appealing at first glance then it will end up in a rejected pile. To save your resume from the rejection you need to make sure that you don’t include everything in it.
  • Non-experienced job seekers have to struggle to find the matter to fill the resume and to make the resume lengthy they mention all the certification and internship in the resume. It’s one of the most common issues in the fresher’s resume.
  • Usually, the college and university pass-outs copy the traditional resume format and copy same buzz words like Best of the breed, Go-getter, Think outside of the box, Go-to person, Results-driven and Detail-oriented. These words are so outdated that you need to cut down these in your resume.
  • Recruiters work with resume every day, so you need to tweak your resume as per the job requirement.
  • Your resume should not look like your biography, avoid stuffing the unrelated information in your resume.

Interviewers’ Expectations from a Resume

  • The interviewer wants to see your expertise in one go in your resume so highlight it.
  • The extra curriculum activities get noticed when you are a fresher, so mention them in your resume.    
  • Use modern and new buzz words in your resume like; Augmented, Boosted, Improved, Strengthened, and Doubled.
  • Your resume is the best platform to represent your skills and creativity. You can use the latest resume format to make your resume stand out of the crowd.
  • Whether you are fresher or experienced, your resume should be easy to read else, it will be placed be in the trash.

Resume Structure

  • As you are a fresher and it’s important for you to create a resume that outshines. I would suggest you to choose a combined resume format to highlight your achievements and strengths that can suit the company.
  • In resume, it’s compulsory to mention your address and communication details so type it in the functional part and keep more descriptive matter for the chronological part of the resume.
  • Add the scanned copy of a passport size photograph in your resume. Remember, your photograph should be scanned not stick on the resume.
  • A photograph in the formal dress makes a better impression, so make sure you have the one that can impress.
  • Always keep following the information on the header of your resume; Your Name, Contact Number and E-Mail Id.
  • You can write an objective in your resume but you should compile it. Copying it from others won’t do any good to you. Avoid using the phrase that I am looking for..or I am good at.. instead of this you can start your objective with “Seeking a position..” or something relevant.

The Bottom Line

A well-framed resume can help you land at a good job to kick-start your career. Here candidates should know that there is no defined layout or structure to write a resume. You can have your own style but keep in mind that it should be attractive and easily readable.

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