Job Hunting 2019 – The New Rules

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If you are going to start your search for a new job with more responsibilities and of course with a better salary package, then you will have to follow some rules for that. Over the years the whole process of recruitment has been changed. Earlier the job seekers used to visit the offices in order to get a job and now they reach to the recruiters’ desk in a click in form of resume.

With the dawn of New Year, many of us think of landing at a new job and in this post, we will tell you the new job hunting rules for 2019.

The New Rules  

In the digital era, many things have been changed. Earlier your application for a job used to be a snail mail and now it has converted into an e-mail.  But job hunting is still difficult. As the recruiters depend on job portal to evaluate the candidates so the competition among the candidates has raised. The grounds of taking a candidate on boards involve so many things now. Overall, the whole process of hiring has become tough. Let’s know about the new rules that can land you on the job of your dream.

#1 Rule – Length of Resume

From past few years we have been listing about the benefits of one-page resume and how it can become a lure for the recruiters but in 2019 this ‘One Page Resume strategy‘ is going to change. Composing everything in one page actually mess up things and sometimes it looks like a goofed up page which no one is willing to read and its a big jolt to your job hunting.

The first job hunting rule for 2019 is to get rid of one paper resume and redo it by increasing its readability.  You can keep your resume short and highlight your achievements instead of the companies you have changed so far. In any case, do not compromise with the readability of your resume.

#2 Rule – Use your References       

In 2019, in order to get some wonderful job offers, use your references wisely. Your references know you well and they will surely appreciate you in front of others. Tell your references about your job hunting. May possible that any one of your references will show you the path of your future office.

#3 Rule – Rigorous Interview Process

Things change with time so does the processes of taking the talent on board. Now the competition has reached its peak and no company wants to take risk of hiring a non-performer. So the companies have made their interview process tougher.

When you apply for some job then be prepared for a written test. Many companies have started this written test to refine the below average candidate before the first round of interview. Earlier interview process used to be a one-way road but now it has become a two-way process. So you also need to prepare one set of question to ask the interviewer to understand the culture of the company.

#4 Rule – Thank You Notes

Those job seekers who keep on chasing and calling the recruiter or the HR person regarding the result of the interview are really irritating. In 2019, you can avoid this chasing. Instead of calling every day to the recruiter to know the status of your interview, leave a thank note to them.

When you call someone again and aging then it doesn’t show your eagerness but your desperation. But when you send a ‘Thank Note’ to the recruiter then it shows your professional skills. Now the choice is yours’ what you want to show off?

#5 Rule – Keep your Social Accounts Clean 

In the digital era, you cannot hide your true personality from anyone and especially from any organization. Social accounts can really help you in getting a job in the industry of your choice. As you check the company’s website, the HR person can also check your social accounts. So keep them clean and avoid posting some objectionable matter or photo.

LinkedIn is a great platform for the professionals and many recruiters use this platform to take some talent on board. So add new references and skills in your LinkedIn account before you initiate your search for a new job. 

The Bottom Line

The article discusses the fresh job hunting rules for 2019. The job searching has become difficult but you can still get your dream job following these rules. Remember that if you are looking for a better job, then employers are also looking for a skilled employees.

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