GATE 2020 Preparation Strategy

GATE 2020 Preparation Strategy

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) conducted jointly by
Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and 7 Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). GATE 2020 examination will be your gateway to several public sector undertakings (PSUs) and reputed institutes offering post graduation programs.

GATE is a prestigious all-India examination conducted by the GATE Committee, which comprises of faculty members from seven IITs and IISc, which on behalf of the National Coordinating Board, Department of Education, Indian Ministry of Human Resources Development.

GATE 2020 Important Dates at a Glance

In the year 2020, GATE exam will be conducted on February 1,2,8 and 9 in the year 2020 by IIT Delhi. GATE 2020 registration process has started and the end date for application submission is September 24, 2019.  

The result for GATE 2020 will be released on March 16, 2020.

In GATE examination, candidates have to apply for one of the 25 papers subjects announced for GATE 2020. The recent addition to the subjects is Biomedical Engineering. Candidates shall appear for a paper relevant to their qualifying degree, with subject they have selected. Candidates can select any of the 25 subjects based on the eligibility criteria of the institutions in which they want to take admission.

How to Prepare for GATE 2020 

A few tips for GATE 2020 preparation strategy to help you stay upbeat and hit the target right. Here we have tips and tricks for GATE 2020 which will sail you through GATE 2020 with flying colors –  

  1. The first thing we have observed that in GATE, calculators are not allowed. So candidates must practice manual calculation. Using less mobile for calculation in your daily life will help improve the skill. Every GATE 2020 aspirant should know tables till 20, this will make you do calculation easy.  Remember the squares and cubes of numbers that is also very helpful in exam and practice quick and accurate calculation.
  2. The second important aspect of GATE 2020 is that it will be conducted in online mode, so you should be comfortable giving online examination. Mock tests will help you in improving this area. Mock tests prepare you for the real exam. 
  3. Timing is another important aspect in GATE 2020. Generally calculation based questions consume most of the time, for them follow the first trick. Mock tests play a great role in helping you manage time in GATE 2020. Appear for mock tests to answer questions quickly and accurately.

GATE 2020 Preparation Plan

Above-mentioned are GATE 2020 preparation tips and can help aspirants in framing a preparation strategy. Here we are sharing GATE 2020 preparation plan that you should know to score good in GATE 2020.  

Set a Goal

Every student must have a goal to achieve and that is from where you get the right start. Your goal for GATE 2020 could be number of marks that you want to achieve, or a college and stream that you want to pursue your post graduation. As the exam is very near we expect that you already have a goal for GATE 2020. Having a goal to achieve gives you a realistic picture of your preparation. 

Diagnostic Examination

By diagnostic examination we mean exams taken to understand the level of preparation. Solving previous papers, model papers or mock tests are some of the ways to keep a check on your GATE 2020 preparation. This step is very important and helps you know your weak and strong sections. We recommend candidates to take one diagnostic at initial stage, a few at mid preparation stage and appear for as many as you can when you have 4 weeks left for the exam.

Concept Building

No matter how a hard a question is if you know the concept you can get the right answer. It is the most important thing that GATE aspirants must work on sharpening basic concepts and knowledge. The more clear concepts you have, more your score will be. Concepts are building blocks for success in GATE 2020.

Practice Will Make You Perfect

Someone has said it right “Practice makes a man perfect”. Practice is important for competitive exams. Remember having knowledge is not enough for competitive exams like GATE, you need to have the speed and accuracy to score good. A right combination of knowledge, seed and accuracy will help you achieve the desired.

Learning Important Formulae

There are questions that are being repeatedly asked in GATE, to find such questions go through the previous exam papers and you will know them. It is important to remember formulas, be it Maths, Chemistry, Biotechnology or any other subject. To score above cut off in GATE 2020 make notes of important formulas. 

High Scoring Topics

Mathematics and general ability account for 30% of the total marks. If you score good in these sections, you will end up scoring high in GATE 2020. We advise candidates you analyse the previous papers to understand the pattern and difficulty level, and know the topics that account for more marks.


One strategy cannot work for all, as the utilization of brain and ability to learn differ in students. Every student should draw a GATE 2020 preparation plan according to their ability and time they prefer to study. The one thing that is common for all is a study schedule with breaks. Now you know that it is important to have your own set of strategy.

Some might like to start with difficult questions, some with easiest and some with the questions they are confident about. So have your own GATE 2020 preparation plan.


It has been seen that students compromise their sleep and breaks during exam preparation, which isn’t the idle way of studying. Study becomes effective is breaks are included in it. You need a relaxed mind to outshine. We advise GATE 2020 aspirants not to compromise on their sleep hours. Your sleep hours are extremely important a day before appearing for final exam. Also you must reach the exam venue before the scheduled time to avoid last minute rush and nervousness.

The Bottom Line

We have discussed the tips for preparation of GATE 2020. Remember that there is no substitute for hard work. We hope we have answered your GATE 2020 how to prepare queries in this article. We wish you all the luck for GATE 2020 and aspirants should work really hard to achieve their goal. Let us know if you have any queries and we would love to address them.

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