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Looking for the best puzzle games to buy for students or kids? You are on the right track to improve the kid’s brainpower. Puzzle games have been kids’ favorite for ages. They help the kids to think differently and find a solution to a complex situation. Here we have compiled a list of the 7 best brain booster puzzle.

 Selecting the best puzzle game out of various available options is not an easy task. Puzzle game is the best option to play with friends and solo. The complexity of the game makes it interesting. Puzzle games for students engage them and also sharpen their minds. 

Parents prefer puzzle games when they are to buy in-door games for the kids. Different kinds of games confuse the buyers. Here we have mentioned the things that you to keep in mind when you look best puzzle games to buy; 

How to Choose the Best Puzzle Games for students? 

Searching for the best puzzle game for students? You will get different kinds of puzzles. You must be confused if 18 piece puzzles will be fine or pick a 26 piece puzzle game. The concept of puzzles also makes them more interesting for the kids. 

A wrong puzzle choice can make your kids not enjoy the game. If the kid refuses to play with puzzles, he may not pick it as a gaming choice for the future. So it would be best if you were thoughtful when you are ready to buy puzzle games for students. Below are some factors that will help you to narrow down your search for the right puzzles; 

Type of Puzzles 

Despite the availability of different kinds of puzzles, they can boil down into two different categories; Jigsaw puzzles and Inset puzzles. 

The jigsaw puzzles are for the younger students. The puzzles get interlocked and create a big picture. The students have to put every single piece in the right place so that picture can compete. The jigsaw puzzles are available in different sizes and shapes. the difficulty level of this kind of puzzle game are higher than the inset ones. 

The size of an individual puzzle plays an important role in the complexity level of the puzzle game. The primary level of the puzzles are the floor puzzle, and its advanced level has 3D pictures. The inset category of puzzles is easier and ideal for younger kids. The puzzle are generally made of wood or foam. Therefore, they cannot be interlocked and perfect brain games for younger students. 

 Topic of Puzzles 

The topic of the puzzle makes them more interesting for the kids and students. Younger students love making puzzles of cartoons, but the elder ones prefer more realistic images like landscape and solar systems. The type of puzzle depends on the preference of the individual kid. It would help if you kept the students’ choice and interest when buying the best puzzle games for them. The right type and picture on a puzzle can be a big motivation for the students.

Material of Puzzle

Puzzles are available in hardboard, foam, and wood. The material of the puzzle decides its life. Puzzles made from wood are more durable and long-lasting but costly. Puzzles made of cardboard are easily available and comes in an economical range. For younger kids, wood puzzles without sharp edges are recommended. For students, you can choose from cardboard or wood. The puzzle made of foam are perfect for younger students. 

Age of Students 

The game manufacturing companies launch different puzzle games for the students and kids of different age groups. If you are thinking of puzzle games to buy, then keep the age factor in mind. An elder kid will not prefer an in-set puzzle game designed for younger kids. And kids in kindergarten will not be comfortable with complex puzzle games. 

7 Best Puzzle Games for Students 

Once you narrow down the criteria to look for the puzzles for students, you get some selective options. Still, the number of available games are high, and you may not find the best out of them easily. So if you want the best puzzle to buy for the students or school-going kids, we have compiled a list of some best puzzle games. You can choose the best puzzle game from the list. 

1.  Solar System Puzzles From Frank 

Students find the solar system an interesting concept, so many puzzles are available for them based on it. If you are looking for the best puzzle games to buy for 6-8 years old students, it can be one of the best choices. The solar system puzzle game comes with the fast delivery option, so the kid doesn’t need to wait for long. You will get 108 puzzle pieces with the game. Its a multicolor puzzle game with a clear and attractive print. Click “Shop now” to buy the puzzle game on the solar system. 

2.  Magnetic Puzzles by Play Panda 

Play Panda is a well-known company that manufactures educational games for toddlers and elder students. The Magnetic Puzzles is one of the best puzzles for students. It has 500 puzzle pieces, and its complexity level is medium. Therefore, it is suitable for young students. However, kids elder than six years will enjoy the puzzles from Play Panda. It enhances the creative skills and imagination of kids. They can make different shapes with puzzles. You can get this one of the best puzzle games for students from here.  

3.  Puzzle Cube

Puzzle cube has been one of the best puzzle games for students. It improves concentration and cognitive skills in students. Its not easy to solve the puzzle, so kids have to keep trying. Hence he develops a habit of never give up. Solving cube puzzles increases the IQ level and improves the spatial thinking ability of students. A person from any age group can try to solve the puzzle. If you choose cube puzzle games to buy, always pick one anti-stick design. To get a puzzle cube for brain exercise check out the puzzle cube below.

4.  Wooden Puzzles Brain Teasers from Serebrum

As the name shows, the puzzle game of wood. Its a perfect brain teaser for teens and adults. The difficulty level of the puzzles is high, but they are interesting enough to play by for hours. The puzzles are made of wood, so they are long-lasting, durable, and look attractive. You will get nine wooden puzzle games in one box. All the games are equally complicated. You can get the puzzle from here to try how intelligent you are. 

5.  Wooden Brain Teaser 3-in-1 from Craft Junky 

If you want to buy a beautiful puzzle game that you can flaunt, then Craft Junky’s Wooden Brain Teaser is the best option for you. It has three games; diagonal burr, interlocking blocks, and snake cube. The game’s blocks come with a wooden trey, so storing them is easy and classy. Craft Junky used the Shesham wood to craft this beautiful puzzle game. If you have an antique taste, then this puzzle game is for you. You can sharpen your brain with the puzzle and flaunt your different choice to others. Here is the link to get the wooden brain teaser. 

6.  Mind Your Numbers From Kitki 

Here is another Maths puzzle game for students. The game is suitable for 8+ years old students, but elders can also participate in it. It needs two players to solve the maths calculation in less time. The game is easy and develops the mental maths skills in the students. Maths freaks are going to love the game. Thin cards are the only negative point of this game, so you will have to take extra care. Click here to get the Maths puzzle game. 

7. I’m a Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle site is equipped with great educational features for students. You can play puzzles where you can either answer math questions or multiple choice questions to unlock puzzle pieces which you then solve. It’s a great way to keep students engaged while teaching them at the same time. 


We hope the list of some selective and the best puzzle games for students must have helped you choose the right one. The puzzle games enhance various skills in students. In the present time, when screen time has increased for young kids, teens, and adults, the puzzle game will help them and force them to think. You can help your kids play Sudoku from an early age to boost their memory.

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