9 Best Touchscreen Laptops That Will Give You Next-Level User Experience

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If you are looking for the best touchscreen laptops and too many options confuse you, then compare with the best ones. The comparison between the best touchscreen laptops will narrow down your list. With fewer options, you will be able to make the right choice without any confusion.

Top touchscreen laptops look appealing and easy to use. We are so habitual of touchscreens that now we want the same experience on a laptop screen. The touchscreen makes navigation easy. Moreover, for some professions, touchscreen laptops help to deliver better results.

The best touchscreen laptop can be the best investment for you if you plan the good laptop to buy in the near future. The touchscreen eliminates all the mechanical flaws of the keyboard. A laptop has become an essential gadget for students and professionals. When you are to buy one, its better to invest in new technology. The touchscreen laptop is the latest development in laptops. These laptops are expensive. So you must know about the important things to consider when you are to buy one;

Things to Consider when Buy Touchscreen Laptop Online

First of all, understand what you require when you plan to buy a touchscreen laptop. Touchscreen laptops are great if you are to design something or take notes. These laptops are easy to carry, light weighted and handy. Here are a few things that you keep in mind when buying a touchscreen laptop;

Operating System

You get only two options in OS when you need a laptop with a touchscreen; Chrome OS and Windows. If you are planning to buy MacBook, then it won’t have a touchscreen. So its not in the options. Windows OS is a common choice of the operating system because of its easy user interface. Windows 7 is the most popular among all versions of Windows operating systems. Now the Microsoft is going to launch Windows 11. The latest version of Windows will make the user experience on the touchscreen easier and more user friendly.

Screen Size

Touchscreen laptops come in different sizes, from 11 inches to 16 inches. You must choose one according to your feasibility. For designing work, you can go for bigger screen laptops. For regular use, you can pick a touchscreen laptop of 13 inches.


A better and high speed processor gives fast outputs. In touchscreen laptops can have Snapdragon, Intel, or AMD Ryzen processors. Intel Core i9 is one of the fastest processors, but the choice of processors depends on users’ use. For gamers, the high-end processors are the best.


The display is one of the key elements of a touchscreen laptop. A better display of a laptop can make your working experience good or bad. So please do not compromise with it. Getting a display lesser than 1920×1080-pixel is not recommended. If you are a creative professional, check the colour accuracy of all the corners of the screen. A 4K resolution is worth buying if you are involved in creative work with graphics and colours. The refresh rate and response time of the screen should be good too.

Apart from all the mentioned factors, you need to check the laptop’s battery life, storage, and RAM. The best touchscreen laptops don’t have much battery power as their battery consummation is high. Talking about storage, then go for SSDR. HDD is outdated, so for the latest one. More RAM means a higher capacity to run many programs at the same time. So if you are to open many apps at one time, then go for DDR 5 RAM. Now you know about all the basic things you need to check to buy the best touchscreen laptop online. Further, we will talk about the nine best touchscreen laptops that you can buy to get a different experience.

9 Best Touchscreen Laptops

Working on a touchscreen laptop gives an entirely different experience. Such laptops are handy and convertible from full-fledged laptops to tablets. Here you can see the latest and the best touchscreen laptops. So here is the list of the best touchscreen laptops to buy;

1. HP Spectre x360 14

HP released HP Spectre x360 14 in 2021. It’s the latest touchscreen laptop with a 14 inch screen. It has inter core i3 11th generation processor. Intel turbo boost technology makes the laptop relay fast. The laptop comes with Windows 10 home version. The average battery life of the laptop is 7 hours which is good for a touchscreen laptop. 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD make the convertible laptop super fast. The laptop comes with a one-year domestic warranty. Get it from here.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro X 1876

If you are looking for the best touchscreen laptop online, then Microsoft Surface Pro X 1876 can be the best option for you. The laptop gives the ultimate touchscreen experience. Its 774 grams light which makes it easy to carry. It’s the latest laptop from Microsoft with 13 inch pixels screen display. The resolution of the display is 2880X1920 that give the best experience in designing. The Qualcomm powered Microsoft SQ 1, and SQ 2 processer is another USP of this laptop. The hello face authentication, 2W Dolby Audio Sound and studio mic make the laptop a must buy.

3. Microsoft Surface Book 15 inch Touchscreen Laptop

The touchscreen laptop comes with an i5 or i7 processor from Intel. You can also choose the screen size of 13 or 15. NVIDIA GTX GeForce GPU enhances the graphics of the laptop. Up to 17.5 hours long battery life lets the users enjoy more time on a machine without charging it. The 2-in laptop is upgradable to windows 11. Microsoft Surface Book 15 soon going to be the best touchscreen laptop.

4. Acer Convertible Laptop with Stylus Pen

Acer is a reliable laptop brand with quick post sale services. Its Spin 3 convertible laptop can be used as a laptop or tablet. The Active stylus pen makes the tablet version easier and more user friendly. The display size of the touchscreen laptop is 16 inches, and it comes with Windows 10 home. The RAM is 8 GB in it, and it has SDD. Because of all these qualities, it is one of the best touchscreen laptops to buy online.

5. Dell XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 Convertible Touch Laptop 

The slim and attractive design of the laptop can be a reason to buy it. The longer battery life is a better reason to invest in the laptop. Iris Xe graphics are a treat to the eyes. The battery of the laptop can work for 10 hours. The diamond cut edge of the laptop makes 11 generation processor, and up to 1 TB SSD are a few functions that make Dell XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop the best.

6. Google PixelBook Go

It’s a super slim touchscreen laptop with great performance. Its 13.3 inches display comes with 1080 pixels. Its battery life is great, and you don’t need to plug in the charger again and again. Its runs on Chrome OS and is one of the touchscreen laptop options to buy online.

7.  Lenovo Yoga 14 inch C940 

The 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop has a 14 inch screen which makes it easy on the eyes. Ten finger multi-touch support makes the C940 a perfect machine for gamers. It has Intel Core 7i, 512 GB SSD and 12 GB RAM. The speakers of the laptop offer great performance. The laptop can rotate to 360 degrees to be a tablet. The 2-in laptop comes with windows 10.

8. HP Envy 13.3 inch

Looking for touchscreen laptops to buy online? HP must be in your options. The elegant look of silver coloured HP Envy 13.3 inch 2-in-1 laptop can make you fall for it. Like its design, the performance of HP Envy is equally smooth. The weight of the touchscreen laptop is just 1.3 KG which makes it easy to carry. It claims to offer more than eleven hours of battery support which is best in touchscreen laptops. The 11th Gen Intel CPU makes it faster. The laptop comes with Windows 10 and MS office. The 1080p display of the laptop makes the screen bright and clear. With all the mentioned qualities, it is one of the top touchscreen laptops to buy.

Acer offers 13.3 full HD touchscreen support to its customers in Acer Spin 5. The laptop comes with 8GB RAM and 256 GB SDD. The intel core i5 has good performance. The battery life of the laptop runs 8-9 hours after one charge. The display quality of Acer Spin 5 makes him the best in its category. If you want to buy an Acer product, it can be one of the best touchscreen laptops to buy online.

The Bottom Line

Touchscreen is a super user-friendly concept, and now it is being used in various electronic gadgets like a laptop and other panels. With the touchscreen, it becomes easy for the users to give instructions to the machine. In laptops, the touchscreen enhances the users’ experience and give a better output.  If you want to upgrade your experience with a laptop and want to buy a touchscreen laptop online, then our analysis on the nine best touchscreen laptops will be helpful for you.

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